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Archive for February 2014

Week 16 & 17 The Win

There is a lot to update here, first off I won my Jiu Jitsu compeition 1st place in Gi and 2nd place in no gi. For the gi compeition I won 3 matches to clinch first place, and for no gi I won my first match and lost the second one, which I am okay with because that was my 5th match and only this guys second, so he was a little bit fresher then me.

Some notes on my training regime.

  • A couple days before I cut out salt from diet
  • The day of the compeition I took salt right after weighing in, this was key. The salt actually helped calm me down, and what I did was just take little by little till it stopped tasting good. Since my body was depleted of salt at first it didn’t taste too “salty” but instead tasted awesome.
  • The morning of the compeition I didn’t eat, and just sipped on a little puerh tea and some water
  • This not eating and lack of salt made me more anixous and nervous, but as soon as I added the salt and ate I felt so much better
  • Right after weigh in I had a sweet potato and chicken (2 hours aprox till compeition time)
  • I also would take occasional bites of an apple leading up to the first match, making sure I wasn’t to hungry.
  • AS far as supplements I took some alpha GPC which dramatically reduced the brain fog I got from not eating. I also took some DHEA and skipped the rest of the supplements.
  • I took a little bit of N.O. Explode but I would skip this next time, because it caused to much of a adrenaline dump.
  • I did also take 3 pills of Shroom Tech, but not sure if that really helped
  • I did a whole warm up with mobility drills and basic warm up, I also threw in some meditation and yoga.
  • Lastly I found the vizulization leading up to the compeition amazingly helpful, it also helps me get to sleep faster.

That is all I have for those two weeks. It was great having a goal and achieving it, and I am very excited for Rio which I am heading to on the 25th.


Week 15 The Challenge

I signed up for a jiu jitsu tournament a couple weeks ago, and now comes the final 10 days before the tournament, and I am going to make them count.  I decided awhile back that I wasn’t going to take this tournament to seriously, and since then gained 8 pounds, which means I am put in the higher weight division.  I decided today that I want to start training seriously for this competition and challenge myself with learning jiu jitsu, losing 8 pounds and getting ready for my competition in just 10 days.  This means I will need to lay out a plan of how I will learn a ton of information in just 10 days, sounds perfect for learn it in 10 doesn’t it.

The Plan

To Cut the Weight

  • Starting tomorrow photograph every meal I eat
  • Eat a ketogenic diet
  • Cycle off Creatine (may recycle on day before or day of tournament)
  • Garlic eaten at every meal
  • Apple Cider Vinegar taken at different points of the day
  • Will Do Carbs Refill Sunday (maybe should be two days, will check this)
  • Green tea twice a day
  • Coffee (maybe bulletproof) occasionally
  • Lots of water I am thinking 64 ounces extra from what I normally would (with workouts and stuff)
  • I plan on limiting my carbs but not completely cutting them out, we will see how this goes
    • I will eat carbs in the form of vegetables (unlimted) and mixed berries (most likely postworkout) I may also do a bit of honey pre bed.

To Learn Jiu Jitsu

  • Day 1 Postures
    • Get Offensive and Defensive Postures
  • Day 2 Escapes
    • Get Escapes from Side Mount, Mount and half guard
    • Get minimum 2 maybe 3
  • Day 3 Take Downs
    • Learn 3 takedowns and practice them
  • Day 4 Sweeps
    • Learn 2 sweeps from each position
  • Day 5 Passing Guard
    • Learn 3 ways to pass guard
  • Day 6 Submissions
    • Learn 1 submission from each position
  • Day 7 Back
    • Learn How To escape Back
    • Learn How to properly Choke from back
  • Day 8 Left Blank
    • Fill in this day with any and all last minute questions
    • Ask Lou to look at form in a couple different positions and get feedback
  • Day 9 Put It All Together
  • Day 10 Take a Mental Break
    • Don’t Learn anything new
    • Maybe some light going through the motions drills

Other Helpful Tactics

  • I will start taking Huperizine A, and possibly Alpha GPC and Subtiltiame during my Monday and Wednesday Classes for improved memory and focus.
  • I will also test green tea as this is something I would like for competition day
    • I want this for its limited caffeine and theanine, I think it will be just enough not to alter my consciousness to much.
    • I want to take phosphitalyserine and DHEA the day of the competition so I will most likely play around with this before the competition as well
    • I am going to refrain from masturbating 10 days before the match, which is supposed to be when your testosterone peaks.
    • Record Saturday Rolling session
    • Record Tomorrow (Wednesdays) rolling session (depending on how elbow feels)

Game Day (This may change)

  • Phosphitalyserine, DHEA and alpha gpc
  • Possibly green tea or puerh tea
  • Cordyceps – taken in the form of Shroom Tech
  • Foam and lax ball rolling
  • A warm up that I will post here
  • 10 minutes relaxation and visualization if possible


I will keep you update on the events, and plan on having someone record my matches

Week 14 Walk Don’t Run

Things are good, time is running at the perfect speed.  A week feels like what a week should feel like, not to fast, not to slow.  The weekends and I think to myself, that was fun, that was productive.  I look at my post from last week and think to myself man that feels like forever ago, but I feel that way because I feel like so much has gone on since that post.

Big Things From Last Week

I started working recording the episodes for Learn It In 10.  I started with the World Religion video, because I just felt like I should.  I decided to cut out all but the 6 modern religions because I had way to much material, I think that for 10 minutes about 1600 words is what I should shoot for a script to be.

Memorizing all the scripts and the details of shooting such as making sure the camera are in focus and that the green screen are wrinkle free have been giving me some issues.  However it’s a learning process, and I know in time I will get better.  I am very excited about the progress I am already making, and know this is the right path for me.


I don’t have a lot to say this week, I am going down the path I know I am supposed to, and I am doing it at a good pace.  I am walking, not running; I am doing things more consciously rather than just closing my eyes and running.  The idea of having a relationship of some kind bothers me less, and I honestly do not think I want to put in the time that would be required to get some good leads right now.  I am actually completely okay with the idea of just working on what I have to work on, though I do know that I would completely enjoy going out and being social, which is a good change of pace.