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Archive for October 2014

Making Money With Youtube, A How to Guide with Adam Of Epic Wildlife

Adam is an all around amazing guy, but today we talk about creating a successful YouTube channel, and he is a bit of an expert on this topic.  He shares everything you need to know to have a successful YouTube channel and he give a few awesome tips about how to improve your life.  This is a must listen to episode.

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 Show Notes:

  1. Adams Story
    1. Adam has always been into youtube, he started out making silly videos even back then
    2. Took several years before he realized that he could make money at it
    3. He played online poker for over eight year and got a taste for traveling
    4. Poker sucks don’t do poker
    5. If he could do it over again he would have started earlier doing videos on things that he is passionate about instead of just doing things to try and make money
    6. One of the early things he tried out in youtube early on was reply videos, where he talks about other peoples videos
    7. He had about 20 failed channels before he got to epic wildlife
  2. Where should we start if we don’t have an idea?
    1. Figure out what you love to do and what your passionate about, also see how you can give people value
    2. Just get started!
    3. Things don’t need to be perfect
    4. Put up a video today if your interested youtube
  3. What kind of eupiment do you use?
    1. Canon t3i rebel
    2. He has a nice stand and a green screen room, he also has a room now
    3. For his mic he uses the blue yeti
  4. How do you make a video engaging?
    1. You have five seconds to catch someones attention, right away you need to hook them
  5. What do you recommend for editing?
    1. Starting out whatever the most simple program you can find is fine.
    2. Adobe Premiere Pro is the next step, but its difficult
    3. Don’t do long videos that are editing heavy
  6. How do you get use fair use images?
    1. Videoboss and stock footage, sign up for these.
    2. Google images and search public domain, there is a special search in Google that you can use.
  7. How Can you get better on acting?
    1. Its not about acting its about being genuine and being yourself
    2. At first Adam thought he needed to talk to a thousand people but later he realized its best just to talk with one person.
    3. He is always reading about how to improve
    4. It is better to jump into something and read about it later
  8. How do you get followers?
    1. Get up as much content as possible.
    2. If your new your still practicing, so focus on getting content.
    3. Put your videos on social networks
    4. Do colorations
    5. Facebook is a great place to start
    6. Main thing is to get quality content
  9. Collobrations, how do you do it?
    1. He is with a network so that helps
    2. A good idea is to find people around your same size and do collaborations with them
    3. He would feature guests on his show
  10. Titles and thumbnails how important are they?
    1. Accoding to adam they are a 10/10 of importance
    2. But don’t be fooled you need content to back it up
  11. How do you promote your stuff?
    1. He is always changing his approach
    2. Different blogs all the time
    3. But now he just focuses on his content
  12. How do you make money outside youtube?
    1. It is a little tough, he is currently exploring other opportunities
    2. He has been called in to do a lot of commercials
  13. Do people come to you to do collobrations?
    1. Managers handle that for him
    2. Some people do come to him, but its hard because his inbox is so full
    3. If you want to collaborate with someone write them a very personalized message
    4. Be more exact in what you want them to talk about and do on the collobration
  14. Any other advice?
    1. Audience retention is very important, it is analytics you can look at to help make your videos better.
    2. Stats and analytics are very important
  15. How do you work?
    1. He is 100% on whatever he is doing, so last year he worked very hard for 5-6 months and then just went to Thailand.
    2. He spreads out his content more
  16. A little more on youtube
    1. Focus on making content
  17. Why do you recommend youtube over other ways of making money online?
    1. It is the second biggest search engine now
    2. Youtube is it, cable is going to become obsolete
  18. Life style questions?
  19. What do you wish you would have known in your mid to early twenties?
    1. Be more open to traveling, the earlier you can travel the better.
    2. He felt more genuine by seeing other cultures
  20. How do you stay so positive?
    1. Nothing is ever a big deal
    2. He has been at rock bottom, so its always up from there
  21. How do did you get out of rock bottom?
    1. He was in debt, and trying everything to make money.
    2. He tried all kinds of things to make money
  22. Last Advice
    1. Don’t work for the man!
    2. Enjoy the moment
    3. Don’t get caught up in the past
    4. And don’t focus on making plans in the future
    5. Take risks, live life on the rolling coaster

Mendoza, Buenos Aires and More Updates Week 6


Here is some quick updates on whats going on with my travels and my podcast, seriously, I don’t expect people to watch these…in fact I actively discourage you from doing so.  These are just a chance for me to talk about whats going on and keep a kind of journal of what I am up to and what I have been thinking.

Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Work You’ll Love

In this episode we explore the topic of how to find work you will love, what your passion is, and what your true purpose is. I have Therese Schwenkler of The Unlost, and although she wouldn’t call herself an expert on these topics, she has a lot of very insightful information that we can all learn from.

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 Show Notes:

  • Theresa Schewnkler writes on the blog theunlost.com, where she helps people of all ages (but lets be honest its mostly people in their 20’s) become unlost.
  • Theresa studied psychology in college and like most of us it was kind of a shot in the dark (I mean who going in to college 100% knows what they want to do for the rest of their life.
  • Psychology was interesting to her, didn’t know kind of career paths would come about, but she wanted to help people
  • She has always been interested in the human mind and why people do what they do.
  • She later studied accounting…long story
  • After College she was kind of confused (once again this is all of us), but she did have a plan
  • Her plan kind of crumbled and she started questioning everything, do I really want to go to grad school, do I really want to be in this field
  • Worked a bunch of different jobs, wasn’t sure where she wanted to do, nanny, cocktail waitress, retail manager and a lot more.
  • She felt like when she graduated she had to have everything figured out, but then she realized what if she doesn’t have to have it all figured out, and there was kind of bliss associated with that realization
  • All the things she really thought mattered, in the grand scheme of things didn’t matter
  • She decided if there was any time to embrace uncertainty, that time was now
  • She bought a one way ticket over to Australia and dropped the expectation that she needs to have it all figured out
  • She kind of traveled around in Australia, she had fun but it wasn’t what she expected.
  • It was a good time in Austrailia but she was a little let down, she didn’t fully get out of it what she wanted
  • I had a similar experience where I was living in Chicago and I moved to Miami thinking that just changing my location would make me 100% happier and make me figure everything out, it didn’t turns out happiness and figuring things out is more complicated then just that.
  • She came back home and said o no I am in the same place I started, but doing that was one of the best things she ever did.
  • She realized that if she doesn’t know who I am or what I am doing, she is not going to die she is going to be okay.
  • She realized feeling lost is part of the Journey
  • There was no sudden realization that it is okay to be lost, it was an overtime thing.
  • She asked her self what is the worst that can happen if she went off and did this.
  • Sometimes you need to let go of needing to know the answers.
  • She realized the worst that can happen is she won’t have it all figured out, which is okay.
  • She paused and realized aren’t I lost in this sea of certainty already, so she realized that she just needed to accept that right now she was lost
  • As Humans we are made to like certainty, which makes
  • Its not so hard to get a job, once you come back from a break for the work world
  • People now a days tend to expect a job needs to be handed to them, but in reality if you work hard to try and get one you can easily get a good job
  • She started her blog about 2.5 – three years ago
  • She started her blog about a year before she quit
  • She makes about half the income from the blog and coaching, and the other half from free lance writing
  • She wouldn’t call herself an expert at helping people in their twenties (But I would call her an expert :D).
  • She just met a ton of different people and would ask them about their lifes, and there was common threads
  • Most of the people she interviewed didn’t know what they wanted to do, the just kind of experimented their ways to where they were.
  • Sometimes having a single end point , is actually a negative because it makes you shut out all kinds of options
  • The key is to be open to exploration
  • You can do this kind of exploration well you are at a steady job
  • What she sees is that most people do not know what their passion is
  • She looks to Cal Newport for inspiration, He has a book called the passion hypothesis
  • What he says is that “Passion isn’t necessarily something you can predict in advance, so he says passion is something that is cultivated over time
  •  Cal Newport says you can’t know right away what you are going to be passionate about, so find something that you find interviewing, and that you should find a rare and valuable skill and get good at it
  • You should get really good at a skill and then you can use that to your advantage
  • I tell a little bit of my story and that I believe in following your passion not your passion
  • I am passionate about online business not about dance clothing but I own a dance clothing online business, turns out it doesn’t matter that I am not passionate about dance clothing
  • I ask her how she helps people that need to find their purpose
  • You can really bring in purpose to any job, it doesn’t need to be some big grand thing
  • She has an article about a hotdog vendor, he died and everyone that came to the hotdog vendor were deeply hurt because this hotdog vendor was such a part of these people’s lives.
  • If you can find a deep moment of satisfaction then maybe your living your purpose
  • She thinks yoga is worth a try, it might not be for you, but she does say that the teacher is extremely important
  • It helps her stay centered, and be in the moment, she finds it easier then meditating
  • The practice is all about breathing and being in the moment
  • I personally find that it helps me relax and have creative thoughts
  • Give yoga month and try out a couple different teachers
  • When we get stressed we just think in circles, and sometimes you just need to get out of your thoughts, and you can’t do this with thinking
  • Being in the moment just makes life better
  • I ask her about spirituality, and she says that she doesn’t really like to put labels on it.
  • She takes inspiration about spirituality from all over the place
  • Spirituality and all that kind of stuff can’t really be put into words
  • According to the Buddha you can not put the true nature of the universe into words…so sometimes you have to ask yourself why even try
  • Also in Hinduism they believe there is no wrong religion, all religions are trying to find the correct path thus all religions are right.
  • The biggest thing she is trying to do is make people realize that they are not alone.



Should You Give Away All Your Possessions? Answers From A Man Who Did It

Meet Joel Nelson, he was extremely wealthy and successful in the western sense of the world, but he was unhappy. So he gave away all his possessions and meditated, did yoga and learned about Buddhism everyday for 3 years. Now he is back to making his way through the world, only this time wants to do it in an ethical way.


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Here are some bullet points that we talked about in the episode

  • He felt unfilled and hopeless, despite being a very wealthy Hedge fund manager.
  • Depression is a feeling of hopelessness a cycle that will go on forever
  • You need someone or someone’s in your life that you love more then yourself, including looking forward to the future
  • What you are experiencing now in the moment will not last for ever, so though you may feel depressed right now it won’t last forever
  • He had everything planned out to kill himself and his dog snoop saved him by giving him just a second to think about what he was about to do
  • Realized it wasn’t the solution, then he was lost for a while before
  • Doesn’t believe in an afterlife, but there is that tiny chance if he killed himself he would enter an endless cycle of hell that would last forever
  • A year later he began to correlate money with unhappiness, but it’s a false contruct
  • Money can be used as a tool, its neither bad nor good
  • Got rid of all his money, his thinking became more clear and he was less cluttered mentally
  • But the problem is without money its hard to fix poverty, you can’t cure poverty if your in poverty
  • Its hard to make money ethically, but now he is trying
  • Spent his time learning about Buddhism and meditating and yoga
  • Yoga has been one of the biggest things that changed Joels Life (I agree with this)
  • And now western medicine has also agreed to it
  • Yoga is all about being in the moment, you feel pain but that pain is not you, you realize you are not the pain in your back right now or your body.
  • The more you don’t want to do yoga is probably the more you need to do it
  • Everything in life is either postivively asymetical or negatively asymetircal
  • Positive asymmetrical – infinite upside fixed down side
  • Negatively Asymmetrical – infinite downside fixed upside
  • People will do anything to avoid uncertainty, this is a flaw with our way of thinking
  • We use to get good safe jobs, but those jobs are not really good or safe anymore.
  • With corporate jobs there is no positive asymmetry you can top out pretty quickly
  • Most nontraditional paths are positively asymmetrical – fixed downside infinite upside
  • Think about all your decisions is it positive aymetircal or negative symmetrical
  • For instance podcasts are very positively asymmetrical
  • For me quiting my job was very positively asymmetrical
  • Money is infinite, time is fixed
  • How you are rewarded and what is seen is successful is changing, how are we going to spent time on this planet is changing
  • Happiness is a interesting word and with a lot of wrong interpertations of what this means, it is better to have purpose and direction
  • the goal is not happiness the goal is purpose and direction
  • Yoga brough him from -100 to 0, but purpose brought him from 0 to 100
  • If you say you want happiness you are probably more interested in purpose and direction
  • You can’t go after happiness, but you can get as a side effect of purpose and direction
  • He came back to the “world” because he realized that this was too much of an extreme and just like Buddha preaches the middle way, poverty isn’t the solution and being obsessed with gaining wealth also isn’t the solution
  • Capitalism isn’t the answer either, its not sustainable according to Joel
  • Money is an accelerant, it can accelerate your destructive nature or it can accelerate your ability to help people out
  • You need a supportive group of people around you, finding a supportive group is extremely important
  • Don’t surround your self with yes man either
  • People around you will poke holes in your reasons when you want to change, find the people that encourage you , but not just yes men
  • Joel started an outsourcing business Zen Virtual Assistants, he did this with an effort to start a business to make money in an ethical way
  • All the global problems in the world stem from people acting in an unsustinable way
  • One of the best ways to stop some of the negative changes going on in the world is to impower women
  • He started his business to do something sustainable and positive
  • The definition of an artist is
    Doing real, human, generous work…that might not work…but if it does, will make a positive difference in someone else’s life….” and this is a great motto to live your life by
  • The suffering is what changed him to be what he is today, and he wouldn’t change a thing
  • His advice to anyone in depression is this moment will pass, and this depression is not who you are
  • Your brain is playing tricks on you when you depressed, these feelings are not you
  • If you kill yourself you are robbing the world of the positive change you can make on the world
  • People that are content with things, never created anything, its people that are discontent with something that move the world forward.
  • If your depressed write down what you want and everyday take a small step forward

More on Joel

To find out more about his Indiegogo campaign click here

Or if you want to learn more about joel check out the zen virtual assitants podcast and Zen Investing Podcast

New Podcast – Buenos Aires Week 4

Here is some quick updates on whats going on in m neck of the woods, seriously, I don’t expect people to watch these…in fact I actively discourage you from doing so.  These are just a chance for me to talk about whats going on and keep a kind of journal of what I am up to and what I have been thinking.

Buneos Aires Wine and Updates Week 3

Here is some quick updates on whats going on in m neck of the woods, seriously, I don’t expect people to watch these…in fact I actively discourage you from doing so.  These are just a chance for me to talk about whats going on and keep a kind of journal of what I am up to and what I have been thinking.