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Archive for November 2014

Outsourcing – Why You Need to Start Today, A Complete How to Guide

Joel Nelson of Zen Virtual Assistants joins me to talk about the power of virtual assistants, why everyone should get one and we do a complete guide on how you can outsource your problems.  In this guide we cover everything from what tasks you can give to your VA, where to get a VA, how to give tasks to your VA, pitfalls to avoid and more.  This is a two part series so make sure to listen to both parts.  In part 1 we cover more of the why you need a virtual assistant, what kind of tasks you can give them and where to find them.  In part 2 we cover how to give your virtual assistant tasks, what tools you can use, some pitfalls to avoid and some last minute secrets that you can only learn by listening to the episode.


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  1. Why
    1. Makes you think bigger picture, off load repetitivetasks
    2. Keeps you needing to work – full time
    3. Know what your good at and outsource the rest
    4. It shifts your mindset into thinking about things algorithmically/and optimizing performance…and realizing that time is money
  2. What
    1. Anything repetitive or anything you can make an algorithm for

i.      Posting to my blog, responding the similar emails

ii.      Photoshoping things

iii.      Video editing

  1. Research tasks or email gathering
  2. Truthfully anything that would take less time to explain how to do it then it would take to do it

i.      Know what an hour of your time is worth

ii.      Also realize that sometimes learning how to do things is fun

  1. How to
    1. Temporary

i.      Fiver – Random one time tasks, quick simple videos, articles etc.

ii.      ODesk – More semi long term, also good for finding writers

iii.      Elance – Great for one time big projects, websites, design, coding

  1. Real VA

i.      Onlinejobs.ph

ii.      Zen Virtual Assitants

  1. Give Them Tasks

i.      Google spreadsheet and screencasts

  1. Things to look out for/ Don’t Do
    1. SEO – Don’t outsource this unless you know the person
    2. Anything super creative or where strong English is needed to foreigners unless…
    3. Of course you should really trust the person before you give them access to your page
    4. VA’s that wont skype wih you, their internet connection might be slow, they might not be who they say they are or they might just be to shy (which if this is the case how can we work together).
  2. Conclusion – Get Started Today
    1. You will get value right away
    2. But think of your first few times or experiences as a testing ground
    3. It’s a liberating experience

Traveling in Your 20’s, What You Need to Know

In this interview I talk with Steph over at twenty-somethingtravel.com, we talk all about traveling around the world and specifically traveling in your 20’s.  She has an amazing blog where she talks all about her travels, places to go and things to eat.  If you are in your 20’s and you love to travel this is a must listen episode.

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Show Notes:

  • Steph has been traveling on and off her entire 20’s and studied abroad in college.
  • At 26 she quit her full time job and started traveling
  • She is currently in Seattle, and loves having a home base
  • She worked abroad in London for a year
  • Why is it important for someone to travel
    • In your 20s you have more time, energy and the least amount of responsibilities
  • What have you learned?
    • Travel has forced her to push her self out of her comfort zone.
  • How do you meet new people while traveling?
    • Couchsurfing, events or just meeting up for coffee.
    • Staying in hostels.
    • She uses twitter a lot to find people to meet up with people.
  • Where should someone go on their first travel experience?
    • Europe is kind of like the paddling pool of travel.
    • There is great infrastructure for traveling and you can get by just speaking English.
    • Travel makes geography start to make sense.
  • Should people make money as they travel or save up a big chunk first?
    • She saved up $20,000 before starting her travels.
    • She bought a one way ticket from Washington DC to Tokyo.
    • Her plan got completely messed up, but it was a good thing.
    • I am a big fan of having some kind of plan.
    • The best answer maybe to do a hybrid of the two
    • Make sure you get your visas ahead of time
  • How do you get freelance writing jobs?
    • Most of it comes from people she has meet through her travels or connections she has made.
    • She went  to a lot of travel blogger conferences
  • What other places would you recommend to travel?
    • South East Asia
    • It has a very established travel community  and path
    • There is not a lot of Americans, which is a good reason to travel
  • She loves Vietnam, and recommends everyone goes and checks it out
    • Both because the food is awesome and Because it has been touched by US history
    • They call the Vietnam war the American war in Vietnam
    • The people love americans, especially in the South
    • Cambodia and Laos is also interesting
    • Laos is the most bombed country in the world
  • You find out the US is both as awesome as you think and not as awesome as you think
    • New york is like going to the future
    • However you learn the volatility of governments.
    • Japan is a great first stop
    • China is really fun as well, go there while your long
    • Beijing is cool but there is a ton of good ones
    • Africa is someone where she hasn’t been yet
    • Australia is not worth the amount of money it cost to be there
  • Not a big fan of the big party hubs with tons of backpackers
  • Best food
    • Vietnam and China, the street food is awesome
    • Italy is always awesome and has great food

Becoming A Digital Nomad, Your Path to Freedom

In this episode I talk with James Clark of NomadicNotes.com about everything digital nomad.  We go into what a digital nomad is, why you should do it and of course how you can become a digital nomad.  For those that don’t know a digital nomad is basically someone who can work from anywhere in the world, all the need is their computer and (usually) an internet connection.


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  • Background on James Clark, how he got started being a digital nomad
  • He was happy and lucky not to go to college, he got to travel instead
  • What is a digital nomad?
    • Someone that has the ability to work from any where they want to
  • How would  you recommend be a digital nomad?
    • Any one that wants to travel, and someone that has an entrepreneur flair
  • Kind of jobs that digital nomads do?
    • Any thing that is digital, web design, writer, freelance, teaching English really anything.
  • Just get a digital skill to start freelancing or be able to start your own business
  • A good way to start is go on elance and bid for a project that you would want to learn how to do, then do the project and your basically getting paid to learn that skill
  • Check out nomadicnotes for tons of great resources
  • You don’t need to always be traveling to be a digital nomad, but it helps if you want to travel for longer periods of time
  • For gear on the website he has a section on what he brings and recommend you bring
  • Travel and see what you need, and then the next time bring less, only bring the things you really need
  • I love an external monitor, having a second monitor, but once you use it , it’s hard to go back
  • What are your favorite cities?
    • He started in Europe, and really liked Amsterdam, Budapest and Istanbul
    • Tokyo and Mumbai
    • He is not a big fan of a lot of the chinse cities
    • South east asia is a great place to start
  • How did you get airlines to pay fooor   your travels
    • This is something airlines have always done, since back in the pre internet, newspaper days.
  • Benefits of having the blog
    • A lot of companies find him from the website
  • Should everyone have a blog?
    • Me and James both think that having a blog is a great thing to do.
  • How did you get people to your blog?
    • Reaching out to other bloggers and posting content on their site, guest posts etc.
  • How do you meet new interesting people?
    • Couchsurfing
    • Friends of friends
    • Travel groups on facebook
    • Specialty forms that specialize in what you do
    • Having a blog helps as well
    • Also meetup.com but James doesn’treally use it but says he should try it
  • He loves what he does and goes back once a year to Australia and that usually makes him realize he wants to keep traveling
  • When you get homesick you should just go home…its that simple
  • Also change up your environment, or call up friends and do something different
  • Give being a digital nomad a test run, you don’t need to do it forever


Backpacking, Couchsurfing, and Living the Nomadic Lifestyle

In this episode I interview Jordan Urbanovich a long time friend, and world traveler about backpacking, couchsurfing and living the nomadic lifestyle. This was one of my favorite podcasts so far, and I had to split it up into two parts. In the first part we get into Jordan’s story but it is filled with awesome stories and advice about traveling the world.

Here is Part 1 Below


In Part 2 we get into the questions that I have and get more into the details of how to backpack, couchsurf and be a nomadic badass.

Here is part 2 below

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