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Archive for December 2014

eCommerece Guide – How to Make Your First Million Dollars

For the final part of the three part eCommerece Guide series I have on Eric from beardbrand to talk about how to make your first million with an eCommerece store.  This episode is information packed, and a must listen to for anyone that is thinking of starting an online store.  A few themes are repeated throughout the episode but one of the biggest ones for me is outsource whatever you aren’t good at or don’t want to do.

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  • A story about Eric
    • Beardbrand is a mens grooming company that focuses on beard care
    • They totally bootstrapped the business, no outside investment
    • They focused on the brand
  • Social Media
    • They have grown because of social media
    • Youtube, tumblr and their blog have been huge
    • Reddit to is a community many people don’t think about utilizing
    • Create content that your customers find helpful
  • Facebook Tips
    • Facebook, doesn’t run their business very well…in the end they want to make money and they don’t have your best interest in mind necessarily
    • But Facebook is still very valuable
    • Comments on your products and your page is something you should be constantly interacting with
    • Eric would answer all the people that would comment, but as they have grown he has of course had to hire more people with all the comments
  • Instagram
    • Instgram and tumblr they use a similar strategy, they use it to show what an urban beardsmen is
    • They do not add a bunch of call to actions
  • Blog
    • They use a strategy of trying to provide as much value as possible, which means that 80% of the content is in no way selling anything
    • And the 20% of the content that does feature products, they make sure and keep it as useful to the customers as possible
    • They hired an editor to help with the blog, and have had a few other writers as well
    • Posts Monday, Wednesay and Friday
  • Youtube
    • They try to once again give as much good content as possible
    • They have added more talent to the channel
    • They are building it to be a whole company rather then just about Eric
    • He recommends just starting out putting up videos, just get content up there
    • His videos have been a progression
    • He uses a simple setup, and he has been completely self taught
    • The quality of your videos should reflect where your company is really at
    • He posts every Thursday, and the guest talent gets posted on tuesday
  • Best Marketing Tips
    •  Shark tank of course, redditt, and youtube
    • They were also featured in a bunch of magazines, some where a reach out on the part of their PR company and the others they kind of came to them and wanted to hear their story
  • Site Design
    • Redditt helped them figure out how to improve the website
    • They did a redesign pretty early on
    • They want to hire a full time web guy right now
    • They do some split testing but not as much as they would like
    • They use shopify and love it, they also use a responsive template
    • He did have one store before this, built it on Magento
  • Email Marketing
    • They use the strategy of providing as much good content as possible to their email subscribers
    • They don’t push their customers to buy things, and he thinks people respect that and relate to that
    • Email marketing isn’t one of their top priorities
    • Make sure you send out content that is relatable to your audience
    • The content doesn’t always have to be specific to your brand, but it should be specific to your audience
    • Originally he sent out emails about once a month, but now he sends them out once a week or once every other week
  • Scaling
    • They only do the things that they love and our passionate about
    • They partner up with other companies and outsource that
    • Make sure you get a company that can scale with you
    • Some hiccups along the way have been the balance between keeping too much inventory and being out of stock
    • Keeping track of inventory seems to be a problem for all small businesses
    • They use a lot of independent contractors
  • Last bits of advice
    • Make sure you stick with what you are good at
    • They believe in Freedom, Trust, and Hunger.
    • It takes love and persistence to grow your business
    • A little bit of faith, a little bit of risk and commitment to the bigger picture.


eCommerce Guide – Making the Next $100,000

If you have an eCommerce business and you are looking to grow it, this is the episode for you.  Andrew from eCommerce fuel joins me and we talk about SEO, email marketing, how to get traffic to your website and he shares some really insightful advice at the end of the episode for all the twenty somethings out there.

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  • Andrews Story
    • Wasn’t happy with the “traditional path” decided to get into the ecommerce world
    • Drop shipping is a good way to start out, its safe and location independent.
    • Though the problem is there isn’t a lot of
    • He prefers to start with a lot of pay per click upfront and then slow it down over time.
  • Common SEO Mistakes
    • Don’t overthink it or try to keyword stuff
    • Just make sure you have the keyword in the title and the meta title
    • Also make sure you don’t forget about it, it is important
  • How to get links
    • Think how can you help other people
    •  Building relationships is the most important part
  • Long tail keyword articles
    • A great method to easily rank is to pick long tail keywords
    • You will inadvertly rank for long tail keywords just by having good content, so good content is super important
  • SEO
    • Get relationships going before you need it
    • Buying guides are good way to get links back to your site
    • Write out personal emails, and don’t push your agenda
    • One of my goals is to get a newspaper and or magazines to cover our story
    • Once again build relationships before you need them
  • Don’t anger the google gods
    • Andrew hired an SEO team, and it backfired
    • Watch out for hiring out your SEO, make sure the firm is legit.
    • To clean up is a big and long process
    • Think about how you can market your business in your niche before you need it.
  • Organic Traffic sources
    • Email is something you need to be doing, not doing it early on is one of the number one regrets experienced ecommerce owners have
    • Word of mouth recommendations is huge, think how you can get people to sign up
  • Email
    • Give people something they really want so they will give you your email for
    • Figure out what your audience wants
    • Match the right offer with the right vistor
  • Other strategies
    • Do top ten lists and highlight your key customers, for me this was dance studio owners
    • Buying guides is also a good strategy to get more people to your site
  • How to keep customers coming back
    • It is tuff if you sell something that people only buy once
    • If you have a repeat purchase type product email is going to be huge for you
    • An about page is also extremely important, you want people to be able to connect with you.
    • People like buying from people, not companies
  • Random Tips
    • Getting a virtual assistant is super helpful
    • A good way to find VA’s is onlinejobs.ph and once you have one you can ask them if they know anyone.
    • Testing prices is very important as well, a raise in price could be a huge win for your margins.
    • Make sure you are A/B testing when possible, and testing closer to the check out page is the really important part.
    • Spending money on design out the gate is not always the best idea, make sure you understand what your customers actually want.
    • You should only spend money on a redesign if its going to make it easier for the user.  It should increase usability and not just to be flashy and look better.
    • Out of the gate just use a standard template
  • Advice for your twenties
    • Try to save as much as you can
    • Take a shot on your own business now
    • Live leanly don’t spend a ton of money on stupid things.

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How To Make Your First $1,000 With An Online Store Part 2

This is a fairly comprehensive guide on how to make your first 1,000 dollars with an online store.  In this episode I talk with Terry from the Build My Online Store Podcast, and we go over each of our stories on how we got started and dive into how you can do it too.  In this part 2 we go over marketing, specifically free marketing tactics and paid marketing tactics.

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4.  Free Marketing *15 Minutes*


-Old Fashion methods email, call, in person


-Long tail type articles

Do things that dont scale – AirBnB, Tinder example

Offline events  to test


5. Paid Marketing *15 Minutes*


-Facebook Ads

-Product Listing Ads



How To Make Your First $1,000 With An Online Store Part 1

This is a fairly comprehensive guide on how to make your first 1,000 dollars with an online store.  In this episode I talk with Terry from the Build My Online Store Podcast, and we go over each of our stories on how we got started and dive into how you can do it too.

Download Options:


1.  Coming up with an Idea

-write down one idea day

Training your brain to see opportunities – “I hate, this sucks, I wish”

-keyword research (might be to old school)?

-find a partner and make their idea successful


2.  Figure Out Who Your Buyer Is

Amazon feedback


Magazine ads, paid ads competitors are using


3.  Taking Your First Steps

-get a domain name (99cents)

-Get a shopify account (super cheap)

– trycelery.com (pre-sale platform)

-Put up a MVP

-Interest vs. commitment

kickstarter/indie gogo (your own money, investor money, or customer money)

Teaching English, Traveling to China and Learning Chinese

Looking for an easy way to travel the world, well you are in luck, you have a skill that is in high demand all around the world.  Teaching English is quite possibly the quickest and easy way to start being able to suitability travel the world.  In this episode we talk all about teaching English and dive into my guest Nick’s experience teaching English, traveling to china and learning Chinese.


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Chinese Language Learning Resources:
Books and Films To Get You Excited About China:
Finding Teaching Jobs:
Finding Non-Teaching Jobs:
How To Get A Chinese Driver’s License: