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#3 Branding, Naming, USP and the Initial Phases

When selecting a niche it is important to create an avatar, think about who would be your 1000 true fans.  In this episode we will also talk about how to come up with a company and domain name and how to get a logo for your company.

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  • Branding
    • Your Niche
      • Your site is not for everyone
      • B Dancewear example
    • Create an Avatar
      • Only 1 person you could sell to
      • 1000 true fans by kevin kelly
      • What age is your ideal customer? Gender?
        What’s their name? What do they like to do?
        Task at the end of module
    • Company/Domain Name
      • Keywords your customers use
      • Keyword research
      • Domain should have a keyword in it
      • It should if possible have the benefit in the name
      • Healthy choice
      • 22 Laws of marketing/ 22 laws of branding
    • Logo
      • Fiverr
      • Upwork
      • 99 designs
      • Or just mock up something

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