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A Year of Purpose and Meaning

Do you have purpose in your life?  My guest today Zephan certainly does.  He is a great example of a 20 something that found out that his life path wasn’t taking him where he wanted to go and actually did something about it.  Listen to the episode to find out more details, this episode is extremely inspiring and will make you realize you too can do something awesome with your life.

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  • Zephan like most people in their twenties worked hard in college so he could get a good job so he could…um wait then what’s next?
  • No but seriously, he then decided to quit his job after one of his clients and mentors explained to him its not that hard to be self employed
  • He worked hard for awhile and realized he was charging too little, he was told by his then coach to double his price…he did and it seemed like the clients actually got better.
  • His coach made him realize he wasn’t valuing his time enough, now he charges for half day or full day shoots.
  • If you’re stuck in a job and not sure what to do next this episode is for you.

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