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About Me

About Me

My name is Travis Marziani and I am really damn curious about well everything, which is good for you and this podcast.

About The Podcast

The How to do Your 20’s podcast is all about improving your life.  We specifically focus on things that a tweenty something would be interested in…but that is a lot of things.  We talk about everything from travel, to fitness, to dating, to whether you should just give away all your possessions and spend the rest of your life meditating.


  1. Hi Travis. I came across your Podcast and I’m really interested in what you’re doing. I’m 21 and definitely in that camp of 20-somethings that feel an insatiable desire to not settle for an average life, especially while this young.

    I’m a designer and I’d like you to consider teaming up and using design to increase the value you provide to your viewers. And I’m not talking about pretty graphics. I’m talking about designing the whole experience and offering you provide your audience.

    Please message me back if you’d like to discuss this further. Thanks!


  2. Vanessa says:

    Hey there,

    I really enjoy listening to a lot of your podcasts, I find them interesting and informative, but the minute long intro really grates at my skin. The first time I listened to it it was nice to hear your story, but every time after that I felt like my time was being unwillingly subjected to a very long advertisement. I, as a listener, would greatly appreciate a short intro.

    • travismarziani@gmail.com says:

      Hey Vanessa,

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look at changing it up for future episodes but in the meantime have you tried just fast forwarding it (I do this through a lot of the advertisements on my favorite podcasts)? I like it there for the first time listeners and figure repeat listeners can just fast forward it.

      Also is it the whole thing that bothers you or only certain parts? Most podcasts I listen to have at least 1 minute of ads/intro that I listen to (up to 3 minutes for the Tim Ferriss podcast and 10 minutes for Joe Rogan’s). I’ve had other people tell me they like it as well, but seriously thanks for the feedback and I might change it up in the next few episodes.

  3. Abdiaziz Mowlid Salat says:

    Hi Travis, i hope this message reaches you in good Heath and well-being. Firstly, i would just like to give you a personal thank you for setting up your podcast it really does widen my knowledge in the area of E-commerce (Stores). Moreover, i would like to contact you personally, to discuss partnership on my concept for a Business Venture ive been working on for some time. This Market-changing E-commerce Store will serve the fitness and health aware individuals as they we will be able to purchase mainly ‘Independent’ supplements (a niche market exists and is growing on never be for seen pace as these type of supplements offer less side-effects, more-organic and made by ‘independent’ suppliers). This once i sent you a detailed business plan will open our doors to unseen-before opportunity in this fantastic market (Fitness and Health). Thank you and keep the great work!

    Abdiaziz M. Salat

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