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The Arts, Puppets, Living with Passion And Shakespeare

Hilarity and inspiration ensue in this episode as I talk with the members of puppet Shakespeare.  We talk about why it’s important to do what your passionate about, and the benefits and disadvantages of choosing a career in the arts.

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  • Meet the Puppet Shakes
    • They started out as Shakespeare nerds
    • They were doing a play and then a lightbulb whent off in their head
    • Every job they ever had felt like a survival job
    • They have always had jobs that could help you pay
    • They all had very supportive parents
    • They want to travel the US with a puppet bus
    • They started out doing shows for friends and stuff
    • At first it didn’t have any puppets
    • They started with Puppet Hamlet
    • Their first show was completely sold out
  • How to Put On A Show
    • You rent the space from the owners
    • The next steps is for them to combine with a theater to work out some kind of         deal
    • It is not always about turning a profit, sometimes you do a show just about               publicity
    • The hope is to make a show that is going to tour around
    • Its tough to turn ticket sales into paying for a show
    • The Scale is a lot harder to do then with a movie or tv show
    • It is also a fleeting form of art
    • They try and make the show a little different everytime
    • They have to rehearse the show, make the puppets
    • It is a balancing act between casting the character
    • It is easy to forget things
  • Marketing The production
    • The most important thing is to have awesome content
    • You need to find a way to translate your cool to the internet
    • The most successful thing they did was a kick starter
    • They had a lot of success with kick starter
    • Also the press can help spread your idea
    • Good reviews like the New York Times can be the kiss of life or kiss of death
    • Hire the most expensive publicist
    • Go main stream and get a good publicist
    • Google local productions and get other productions media contacts
  • Other Tips
    • You Just have to dive in
    • Don’t take no for an answer
    • Be Passinonate, that is the one thing that can make a company
    • You need to be willing to go on the street and market for your self
  • Arts
    • If you love the arts and then do the arts
    • If you Don’t love the arts then go do it
    • If you don’t go do something else
  • Puppet Shakepeare
    • You need to watch the youtube video to see this!
  • That was quick intro on puppet Shakespeare
  • Performance at the end of the episode
  • Freaking hilarious
  • We talk about the arts and spending your life doing what your passionate about
  • Quick side note before we begin
  • If you haven’t already
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  • Inspiring yet hilarious episode

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