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Baby Steps, You’re Not Alone and Other Lessons Learned From 20 Something Artists

Heather has interviewed over 50 New York City Based 20 somethings, and she has learned a little bit about what it takes to be successful in your 20’s.  Her advice is timeless and beautiful and this episode is both inspiring and filled with little tips to help you realize you’re not alone.

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  • Meet Heather
    • She started Pennigan productions and the 20 something project
    • The 20 something project is awesome, you should check it out
  • 20 Something Project
    • Highlights people in the arts in there 20’s in New York City
    • Art and Business sometimes have to go hand in hand and co exsistce
  • Pennigan Productions
    • It is a production company all about people working together
    • It is the umbrella that everything else is under
  • 20 Something Project Continued
    • She wanted to do a documentary right away
    • However she thought that might have been to big of a project
    • They have at the time of recording this episode interviewed over 50 artists
    • She has just allowed the process to happen and she rides the wave
    • It is hard for her to pick her favorites but she recommends watching her more recent episodes
  • General Advice
    • Baby steps, this is the key to doing something don’t try and run a marathon without first taking some baby steps
    • Be like water, and let things flow
  • What She Has Learned
    • You are not alone
    • She is constantly reminded of things she already knew but hearing them again solidifies them
    • Sometimes it is supposed to be hard
  • Questions She Likes To Ask
    • Why is art important?
    • Heather thinks its something that connects people and letting yourself open up and connect with other people
    • It is not analytical, it is something that you can’t describe in a scientific way
  • Last Advice
    • Life is not what you think it is going to be
    • And you Should do what you want to do

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