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Be a Boss – How to Start and Grow Your Business

Starting and growing a business isn’t as hard as you think, and in this episode we go over the general principles all businesses could benefit from.  Paul Kirch joins me and we talk about how to validate a business, getting your own personal board of directors and how to sell.

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  • So you want to start a business? Is your idea any good?  One quick way to find out is to ask people.
  • Networking is crucial to the success of your business.
  • See if you can find someone to intro you to people, it helps you sell better. It allows you to have someone build you up, because if you do it yourself it doesn’t mean as much.
  • Get your own personal board of directors, find people you trust and respect and bounce ideas off them, get them to give you inputs into your life and choices.
  • Selling is crucial to the success of a business! And most businesses don’t really push this part of their business.  Call potential customers, leave messages if necessary and keep calling until you get the sale.

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