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Becoming A Digital Nomad, Your Path to Freedom

In this episode I talk with James Clark of NomadicNotes.com about everything digital nomad.  We go into what a digital nomad is, why you should do it and of course how you can become a digital nomad.  For those that don’t know a digital nomad is basically someone who can work from anywhere in the world, all the need is their computer and (usually) an internet connection.


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  • Background on James Clark, how he got started being a digital nomad
  • He was happy and lucky not to go to college, he got to travel instead
  • What is a digital nomad?
    • Someone that has the ability to work from any where they want to
  • How would  you recommend be a digital nomad?
    • Any one that wants to travel, and someone that has an entrepreneur flair
  • Kind of jobs that digital nomads do?
    • Any thing that is digital, web design, writer, freelance, teaching English really anything.
  • Just get a digital skill to start freelancing or be able to start your own business
  • A good way to start is go on elance and bid for a project that you would want to learn how to do, then do the project and your basically getting paid to learn that skill
  • Check out nomadicnotes for tons of great resources
  • You don’t need to always be traveling to be a digital nomad, but it helps if you want to travel for longer periods of time
  • For gear on the website he has a section on what he brings and recommend you bring
  • Travel and see what you need, and then the next time bring less, only bring the things you really need
  • I love an external monitor, having a second monitor, but once you use it , it’s hard to go back
  • What are your favorite cities?
    • He started in Europe, and really liked Amsterdam, Budapest and Istanbul
    • Tokyo and Mumbai
    • He is not a big fan of a lot of the chinse cities
    • South east asia is a great place to start
  • How did you get airlines to pay fooor   your travels
    • This is something airlines have always done, since back in the pre internet, newspaper days.
  • Benefits of having the blog
    • A lot of companies find him from the website
  • Should everyone have a blog?
    • Me and James both think that having a blog is a great thing to do.
  • How did you get people to your blog?
    • Reaching out to other bloggers and posting content on their site, guest posts etc.
  • How do you meet new interesting people?
    • Couchsurfing
    • Friends of friends
    • Travel groups on facebook
    • Specialty forms that specialize in what you do
    • Having a blog helps as well
    • Also meetup.com but James doesn’treally use it but says he should try it
  • He loves what he does and goes back once a year to Australia and that usually makes him realize he wants to keep traveling
  • When you get homesick you should just go home…its that simple
  • Also change up your environment, or call up friends and do something different
  • Give being a digital nomad a test run, you don’t need to do it forever


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