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Brain Hacking, Nootropics and Entrepreneurship 2.0

Your brain is your life, and in this episode we talk about ways to sharpen it up from meditation to nootropics to neurofeedback.  On top of that Dr. Hill shares a little bit about the development of his own brand of nootropics.  Entrepreneurship and brain hacking in one episode…yeah you better bet I enjoyed this conversation.

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  • Once again meditation is mentioned as a way to improve brain performance.
  • One thing that was different about this time was the idea of single point mediation, i.e. focusing on just your upper lip and the sensations it feels.
  • Hill also once again mentions the ketogenic diet as optimal for brain performance. I will for sure try this diet again but I have not had the same results.  I am not sure if my body just doesn’t respond properly or if I haven’t properly implemented the diet.

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