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Break The Trance, Invest in Yourself and Achieve Your Goals

Are you in a walking trance?  Break out of it with this episode, and learn some of the secrets on how to succeed outside the corporate world.  James Schramko joins me and he shares some of his best secrets on how to succeed and accomplish your goals, including the important aspects of investing in yourself.

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  • Meet James
    • He is a master of online marketing
    • In school he started in accounting
    • He then got sick but took it as an opportunity to travel around Australia
    • He then had to go get a job, and his job was in debt collection
    • After that he did telephone collections
    • He then joined a tech startup doing tech telephones
    • He started having kids so he needed to start making some money
    • He got a job as a sales man, and quickly rose through the ranks
    • Around 9 years ago he started an online business
    • He started in affiliate marketing
    • He then started doing SEO and other service type business
  • What Route to Take
    • When he was in his twenties he couldn’t do the online business because it wasn’t around
    • He would say that probably its best to just skip the regular jobs and start in the online world
    • But make sure you have someone to help you along
    • Don’t fall into the system of thinking you need to be single
    • You should get involved in selling results not selling your time
    • A taxi driver or school teacher etc. need to trade their time for money
  • What do you recommend getting into
    • There is a lot of different fields that you can get into
    • Even non online things such as being an athlete or training animals
    • A good way to figure out what you are interested in is, what magazines do you read
    • If your interested in it you will be better at it
    • Use the existing knowledge you have
    • Invest in the bit between your ears, invest in your brain
    • Look into self-improvement books, they are just great
    • The best return on investment is buying and reading books
    • Live events are another great way to learn
    • Try a creative pursuit that might not be montetizable but that interests you
    • Give yourself some fun time
    • Masterminds use to be a rich guy that pays people to think about his problem
    • Now it’s a group of equals that come and talk about each others problems
    • Don’t go for the free ones usually, you get what you pay for
  • People are in a trance
    • People don’t take responsibility for their outcomes
    • People grow up with their parents patterns
    • These patterns are not always the most helpful
    • There is no choice involved with the current traditional path
  • Don’t set one or two year goals
    • Shorten your deadlines and goals
    • It is all about honesty to yourself
    • Figure out what you want out of life
    • Figure out your reason why
    • There are external and internal motivators
    • You have to think about why you want something
    • Figure out where you want to go
  • Online Business
    • How to get value from your current customers
    • Harvest your current customers, you don’t need to constantly be hunting
    • James like to set up billing to be recurring
    • People need to pay to keep enjoying
    • Most people don’t
  • Procrastination
    • When you are procrastinating maybe you’re not serious about your goal
    • It is all about habit forming
    • Schedule things, and work on difficult things in the morning
  • Other Things
  • Read the book willpower

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