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Budget Traveling Tips and Tricks

Saving Money while traveling is easy and can actually be fun. There are a ton of tips in this episode on how you can travel to your dream location without breaking the bank.

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Biggest Takeaway’s:

  • Set your goals high for where you want to travel too. Make it a goal that you want to achieve. Use your bucket list and go to the place you most want to go to, not just the cheapest.
  • You can book flights to one city in Europe then take a regional airline to your final destination to save money
  • Use booking.com for last minute hotel deals
  • Cook your own food, or at least avoid the tourist traps
  • Don’t bring such a big back pack you only need a 50 Liter or so back pack
  • Security while traveling is important be aware of your surroundings and use common sense
  • Do what you want do, and get out there and go do something big!

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