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Build Your Brand, A How to Guide

You are amazing, and don’t you think the world should know this? In this episode Michael Peggs and I talk about how to build your own brand. This episode is filled with practical advice to help you present yourself in a better light, which is crucial for entrepreneurs, but can be very helpful even for those 9-5ers.

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  • Building your own personal brand is important not only because it helps you strive higher in your chosen career but also because it gives you a better sense of yourself.
  • There is three questions you should ask yourself when building a personal brand, what is your story, what is your gift and How to server others.
  • Finding out your story is something you have to do personally, journaling can help.   You can ask others for guidance but ultimately however you need to meditate on the idea and figure it out for your self.
  • To find out what your gift is, ask other people. Also analyze what other people come to you for help with.
  • Finally you need to figure out how you can serve others. The key here is taking what you have learned and figuring out how to help others with it.
  • Blogs, Podcast and YouTube are all great ways to actively build your own brand.
  • I obviously choose podcasting, but I am very interested in YouTube in the future.

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