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Cognitive Enhancers and Entrepreneurship Secrets

Improve your brain power and become a better entrepreneur, these are two things that Lucas knows a lot about. In this episode I interview a productive, intelligent entrepreneurial machine and oh yeah he is in his twenties (in fact he is even younger then me).

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  • Lucas has been extremely successful and one of the crown jewels of his success is opti-mind.
  • He has many different life hacks but the one that really caught my eye (err ear) was that he uses stage lights to really perk up productivity.
  • He highly recommends (as do I) the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
  • Another pro tip from Lucas is to create an MVP and split test to find an idea that works for you.
  • Ultimately ideas aren’t worth anything though its all about execution and one tactic Lucas uses really well is getting bloggers to write about you, he recommends a sight called group Group High


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