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Crossfit: A Beginners Guide to Getting Strong

Crossfit is great for people looking to get strong and have fun.  If you have always wanted learn more about Crossfit but don’t know where to start, then this episode is for you.  We go over all the basics of what Crossfit is and how to start.

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  • Jerry’s Story
    • He got into crossfit because the guys from 300 looked awesome and he wanted to look like that
    • He likes crossfit because its functional movement
  • What is Crossfit
    • High Intensity Functional movement that is constantly varied
    • You need to constantly vary your movement
    • Soccer moms are starting to get into crossfit because of the community
  • Compeition In Crossfit
    • It is great because it makes you challenge yourself
    • You need to constantly try to beat yourself not beat other people
    • You need to get over your ego
    • Your peer group is a great way to keep yourself accountable
    • You need to get people around you
  • Is Crossfit for everyone?
    • It isn’t neccsarily for everyone but it is scalable so almost anyone can do it
    • Crossfit is functional movement
  • How to get started
    • He started at 24 hour fitness
    • He started with Fran which is one of the most popular workouts
    • You can scale them, and the amount of weight can be varied
    • To get started just go to crossfit.com
    • Judge the gym based on your own experience
  • Cross fit they specialize in not specializing
    • You want to be able to use your fitness to be prepared for anything
    • The best question to determine if you should work out everyday or when to work out is how do you feel
    • Crossfit is all measurable
  • Gear to use
    • People like to get handgrips
    • Knee support is a good tool also
    • Wrist support is another good thing to have
  • The Workouts
    • Take your time with it
    • The workouts got the name based on Heros and then the other ones get a womens name
  • Last Advice
    • Find the balance between hardwork and having fun

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