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Fashion Mistakes Guys in Their 20’s Make

Fashion has always been important and now more than ever there is more pressure being put on men to look their best whenever they step out and head to the office or out on the town. Many people base first impression judgments based on looks and a fashion mistake can have a powerful and lasting impact. So here are seven of the biggest fashion mistakes that our young men are making way too often- avoid them!

Fashion Mistakes Guys in Their 20’s Make

Mistake 1- skinny guys should wear boot cut pants and jeans so their legs look wider.

This is so far from the truth it is amazing people even think this is the case. Boot cut on jeans and pants is perhaps the single most unflattering of all pants cuts and this is especially true for long-legged skinnier guys. Wearing this style of jeans won’t make your legs look any bigger, but the flare of the jeans will make you look sloppy and give the impression of pants that are too big for your frame!

Mistake 2- shirts should be baggy in the shoulders and chest.

Shirts, especially nice button up dress shirts, aren’t supposed to be baggy and tall! They’re supposed to fit and look nice and appear neat and clean!  This is one mistake that is seen far too often at job interviews and offices everywhere. Your shirts should fit close enough to your body to look nice while still letting you have range of motion and freedom to move, twist, and bend.

Mistake 3- A common mistake among many young men is is that dressing up equals dressing better.

In fact, these two concepts are completely unrelated. One is not dependent on the other. If you do not have a suit that fits, a tie that looks good and accessories that accomplish you look, you will not look as neat and professional as the guy in nice jeans and a polo shirt that fit him well. Dress for the situation at hand and look your best in what you are wearing- don’t worry about putting on the best if it does not look the best on you!

Mistake 4- High-end fashion that is expensive automatically makes you look better.

Paying for quality is one thing but simply paying more money for a brand name or something that has some famous person’s name on it will do little to nothing for your actual fashion sense. Yes, the $50 shoes are probably better quality than the bargain $15 shoes, however, you do not need to spend $300 on a pair of shoes because of the brand name on them in order to look good. Spend smart, not more.

Mistake 5- Shorts are for kids, old people, or the non-professional.

Most men have moved past this mistake and are now aware that shorts are perfectly fine to wear. Thankfully this is becoming a less frequent mistake but it still happens at times. A nice pair of shorts can look just as nice in a semi-professional or more dressed up casual event than a pair of jeans can when paired with the right shirt and footwear.

Mistake 6- Cargo shorts are cool because of the pockets and style.

While there is nothing inherently wrong or bad with these shorts, cargo shorts are generally looked upon by the professional and fashion savvy people of today as extremely passé and dated (even though some other sources clearly disagree). Avoid these at all costs and instead, go with some simpler and more professional looking shorts and legwear.

Mistake 7- Boots are only for hikers, construction workers, and goths.

This may have been the case in the 80’s and early 90’s but it is far from how things are today in the fashion world of young men. There are many different types and styles of boots available, and you can find something for every profession and need. There’s a boot for every kind of man- whether you need boots that are professional, casual, or something in between.

So how many of these mistakes have you made? Which ones are you working on removing from your wardrobe? Chime in and let us know what your worst fashion mistakes have been and how you overcame them!  Also, be sure to check out the rest of our site and find more tips and tricks for 20 somethings!

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