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Find And Do Work You’ll Love

It’s your life, enjoy it…or don’t, it’s up to you.  In this episode Grant Baldwin joins me and we explore how you can get into the job you really want to do.

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  • To find something you will love doing you have to ask yourself a few questions. One of the tougher ones is, what are you passionate about.
  • Maybe you already know what you are passionate about, but if you don’t one tip is to ask people that know you, what they think you are passionate about.
  • Another question you need to ask yourself is what are you good at? A good way to find this out is to figure out what people think you are just good at.  What things do people ask you how do you do  or learn that so easily?
  • Chasing your dream job or life isn’t for everyone. If you are heavily in debt you might have to dig yourself out, you might have to work nights and weekends till you can get out of that debt.
  • Most importantly this life is yours, you can either enjoy it, or not…it’s up to you.

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