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Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Work You’ll Love

In this episode we explore the topic of how to find work you will love, what your passion is, and what your true purpose is. I have Therese Schwenkler of The Unlost, and although she wouldn’t call herself an expert on these topics, she has a lot of very insightful information that we can all learn from.

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 Show Notes:

  • Theresa Schewnkler writes on the blog theunlost.com, where she helps people of all ages (but lets be honest its mostly people in their 20’s) become unlost.
  • Theresa studied psychology in college and like most of us it was kind of a shot in the dark (I mean who going in to college 100% knows what they want to do for the rest of their life.
  • Psychology was interesting to her, didn’t know kind of career paths would come about, but she wanted to help people
  • She has always been interested in the human mind and why people do what they do.
  • She later studied accounting…long story
  • After College she was kind of confused (once again this is all of us), but she did have a plan
  • Her plan kind of crumbled and she started questioning everything, do I really want to go to grad school, do I really want to be in this field
  • Worked a bunch of different jobs, wasn’t sure where she wanted to do, nanny, cocktail waitress, retail manager and a lot more.
  • She felt like when she graduated she had to have everything figured out, but then she realized what if she doesn’t have to have it all figured out, and there was kind of bliss associated with that realization
  • All the things she really thought mattered, in the grand scheme of things didn’t matter
  • She decided if there was any time to embrace uncertainty, that time was now
  • She bought a one way ticket over to Australia and dropped the expectation that she needs to have it all figured out
  • She kind of traveled around in Australia, she had fun but it wasn’t what she expected.
  • It was a good time in Austrailia but she was a little let down, she didn’t fully get out of it what she wanted
  • I had a similar experience where I was living in Chicago and I moved to Miami thinking that just changing my location would make me 100% happier and make me figure everything out, it didn’t turns out happiness and figuring things out is more complicated then just that.
  • She came back home and said o no I am in the same place I started, but doing that was one of the best things she ever did.
  • She realized that if she doesn’t know who I am or what I am doing, she is not going to die she is going to be okay.
  • She realized feeling lost is part of the Journey
  • There was no sudden realization that it is okay to be lost, it was an overtime thing.
  • She asked her self what is the worst that can happen if she went off and did this.
  • Sometimes you need to let go of needing to know the answers.
  • She realized the worst that can happen is she won’t have it all figured out, which is okay.
  • She paused and realized aren’t I lost in this sea of certainty already, so she realized that she just needed to accept that right now she was lost
  • As Humans we are made to like certainty, which makes
  • Its not so hard to get a job, once you come back from a break for the work world
  • People now a days tend to expect a job needs to be handed to them, but in reality if you work hard to try and get one you can easily get a good job
  • She started her blog about 2.5 – three years ago
  • She started her blog about a year before she quit
  • She makes about half the income from the blog and coaching, and the other half from free lance writing
  • She wouldn’t call herself an expert at helping people in their twenties (But I would call her an expert :D).
  • She just met a ton of different people and would ask them about their lifes, and there was common threads
  • Most of the people she interviewed didn’t know what they wanted to do, the just kind of experimented their ways to where they were.
  • Sometimes having a single end point , is actually a negative because it makes you shut out all kinds of options
  • The key is to be open to exploration
  • You can do this kind of exploration well you are at a steady job
  • What she sees is that most people do not know what their passion is
  • She looks to Cal Newport for inspiration, He has a book called the passion hypothesis
  • What he says is that “Passion isn’t necessarily something you can predict in advance, so he says passion is something that is cultivated over time
  •  Cal Newport says you can’t know right away what you are going to be passionate about, so find something that you find interviewing, and that you should find a rare and valuable skill and get good at it
  • You should get really good at a skill and then you can use that to your advantage
  • I tell a little bit of my story and that I believe in following your passion not your passion
  • I am passionate about online business not about dance clothing but I own a dance clothing online business, turns out it doesn’t matter that I am not passionate about dance clothing
  • I ask her how she helps people that need to find their purpose
  • You can really bring in purpose to any job, it doesn’t need to be some big grand thing
  • She has an article about a hotdog vendor, he died and everyone that came to the hotdog vendor were deeply hurt because this hotdog vendor was such a part of these people’s lives.
  • If you can find a deep moment of satisfaction then maybe your living your purpose
  • She thinks yoga is worth a try, it might not be for you, but she does say that the teacher is extremely important
  • It helps her stay centered, and be in the moment, she finds it easier then meditating
  • The practice is all about breathing and being in the moment
  • I personally find that it helps me relax and have creative thoughts
  • Give yoga month and try out a couple different teachers
  • When we get stressed we just think in circles, and sometimes you just need to get out of your thoughts, and you can’t do this with thinking
  • Being in the moment just makes life better
  • I ask her about spirituality, and she says that she doesn’t really like to put labels on it.
  • She takes inspiration about spirituality from all over the place
  • Spirituality and all that kind of stuff can’t really be put into words
  • According to the Buddha you can not put the true nature of the universe into words…so sometimes you have to ask yourself why even try
  • Also in Hinduism they believe there is no wrong religion, all religions are trying to find the correct path thus all religions are right.
  • The biggest thing she is trying to do is make people realize that they are not alone.



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