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Get a Mentor and Network Like A Pro

Success comes from a few things, but one thing every successful person seems to have in common is a great mentor.  For a hustler it can be hard to find the time to get a mentor, or to figure out how to actually attract a mentor to you.  In this episode Geoff Woods joins me and we go over how to get a mentor and network like a pro to jump start your success.

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  • There were a ton of nuggets of wisdom in this show, below are some of my favorites
  • When you are networking or at any kind of party really; if you had $100 bills to hand out to everyone at the party would you be nervous going up to people and talking with them? Of course not.  That is the attitude you need to have, because meeting you could easily be worth $100
  • You need to find out what is exciting to you and pursue that. Also use that to find out what’s exciting to people that you are networking with.  Not just what do they do, but what excited them.
  • You need to understand that successful people want to share their knowledge with people in the starting stages. In fact it is enjoyable for them!

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