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Hacking Learning and Doing More In Life

Learning is kind of what makes humans so amazing, so if you can do it better won’t that just make you more amazing?  My guest today Thomas Frank and I talk about ways to hack the learning process.

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  • This episode covers some of my favorite ways to hack learning including a new one I just learned about, which is called interleaving, this is the idea that it is actually beneficial to work on other things.
  • Interleaving is different from what most people do, most people do block learning sessions. Interleaving works like this If you want to learn skills A, B and C then a block practice session would look something like this AAABBBCCC and an interleaved practice session would look like this ABCABCABC (in series) or ACBABCBAC (randomized). The only constraint is that you can’t work on the same type of problem back to back.
  • Spaced repetition in another key way to enhance learning.
  • Later in the episode he talks about his website and the success he has seen with it, one thing he did that lead to a ton of more success was to start posting on a regular schedule, he said his growth hockey sticked when he did that.


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