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How To Make Your First $1,000 With An Online Store Part 1

This is a fairly comprehensive guide on how to make your first 1,000 dollars with an online store.  In this episode I talk with Terry from the Build My Online Store Podcast, and we go over each of our stories on how we got started and dive into how you can do it too.

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1.  Coming up with an Idea

-write down one idea day

Training your brain to see opportunities – “I hate, this sucks, I wish”

-keyword research (might be to old school)?

-find a partner and make their idea successful


2.  Figure Out Who Your Buyer Is

Amazon feedback


Magazine ads, paid ads competitors are using


3.  Taking Your First Steps

-get a domain name (99cents)

-Get a shopify account (super cheap)

– trycelery.com (pre-sale platform)

-Put up a MVP

-Interest vs. commitment

kickstarter/indie gogo (your own money, investor money, or customer money)

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