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Increase Your Brain Power, A How to Guide

Do you want to increase your brain power? Of course you do, we are only as powerful as our brains will let us be.  This episode is designed to have as many actionable take always that you can use to increase your brain power as possible.

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  • Tony’s Story
    • He did well in school and ended up coming to the US.
    • He found a lot of patterns in the people that were successful in school
  • Brain Improvement
    • Its like a pyramid
    • At the bottom there is all the things that you need get in order such as diet, sleep, etc
    • The next step would be to get a blood test and see where you have problems
    • You get the blood panel done in your local city
    • The next step would be to look at smart drugs
    • Caffine, piracetam
    • At the top of that later is the real medications like modafinal and Adderall
    • Adderal and modafinal are fun and powerful drugs but might not be the safest
  • Memorization Techniques
    • Active recall is one of the best ways to work on your memorizations techniques
    • Another way to do it is to try and restate in your own words what you have learned, pretending like you are teaching someone else
    • The memory palace
      • The memory palace is powerful, and you can actually assign numbers to each room or maybe even each corner
    • Pegging and Chaining
      • These are two other memorization techniques that are very powerful
    • Active recall is just the active retrieval of information
    • The Fenyman technique is just talking about the things you are suppose to be learning which helps solidfy it in the brain
    • There is also one of my favorite techniques which exploits the von restorff effect
      • The crazier the picture you are trying to memorize the better
  • Motivation
    • Dopamine plays a huge role on motivation and plays with anticipation of a reward
    • Logging into facebook a lot and reading every text message can short circuit that reward cycle and reset your dopamine levels in a very negative way
    • Cold showers is another way to help promote dopamine
    • A lot of things that we do make the brains unaligned and most of our lives we are being commanded by our reptilian brain.
    • There are lots of small little tricks to trick your brain into it
    • Small goals are the way to go to rewiring your brain
    • You should also be training your brain constantly one thing you can do is practicing things like getting out of bed, then when you go do it in the morning it will be easy
  • Creativity
    • Creativity is a very abstract concept
    • Isolation and intense focus is the key to creativity
    • Another thing you can do is called lucid dreaming
    • Weed has been very helpful in improving my creativity
    • Weed can trigger some anxiety in a good way making you take action
    • However long term habitual use of marijuana seems to make people kind of lazy
    • Lucid dreaming is something very powerful
    • One way to improve lucid dreaming is to keep a journal
    • You should also preform reality checks
    • Isolating yourself also really helps you improve your creativity



  1. russ says:

    The guest’s full name was not given nor was the name of his book or am I missing something…?

  2. travismarziani@gmail.com says:

    Tony Simola and his book is here