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How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life

We all want to live long and healthy lives, but my guest for this episode will help us explore exactly how to do that.  Most people think diet and excise are the two most important factors, but it turns out that although those are important they aren’t the most important.

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  • If you want to live a long and healthy life, it starts now! Well actually it started when you were in your mother’s womb…but now is the 2nd best time to start.
  • Don’t wait till your 50 to think about this stuff!
  • Health issues are happening earlier and earlier…this is messed up!
  • The number 1 factor to think about when wanting to live a longer and healthier life is relationships!
  • The second thing to consider is how you interact with technology.
  • Use flux so you don’t get so much blue light from the computer
  • Keep exploring and keep trying to learn new things and become a better person

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