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Make Your Big Idea Happen

Do you have a big idea?  Let me guess you are probably stalling, putting it off and not really taking any steps towards your goal.  In this episode we cover why your excuses like I don’t have time, I am not good enough and I am not ready are a bunch of B.S. And we talk about how take small steps to actually achieve your big idea.

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  • Maryna’s Story
    • She had the typical corporate job and like everyone else lost her job in 2008.
    • She liked doing project management, and she realized she could do this same thing with peoples ideas
  • Ideas are like elephants
    • Ideas are big an unmovable, until you start
    • Break your idea down to small chunks
    • Sometimes dreaming big will make you paralyzed
    • So sometimes you need to break down that big idea into smaller ones
    • Start with baby steps
    • You need to figure out what small steps you can take towards your goal
  • I Don’t have time
    • Track your time for a week, see what you are doing every hour of the day
    • See where you are spending your time
    • You need to cut something off of your at first
    • Small actions are better then big words
  • I Don’t Know Enough
    • People think they don’t they have enough knowledge
    • However people usually have a base amount of knowledge in the subject
    • You don’t need a degree in your subject to master it
    • Deliver something average at first
  • See What You Are Good At
    • In the beginning be in the flow of the process
    • At the beginning be gentle with your self
    • Don’t take all the advice
  • Size Doesn’t Matter
    • What is a big idea for one person might not be a big idea to another person
  • How Fear Holds Us Back
    • You can’t overcome fear
    • You can become friends with fear
    • Start really small
    • Maybe you don’t give a speech at toast masters just
  • Problems That Get In The Way
    • Life Happens – People get married, have kids or get sick
    • If its meant to happen they will come back to the idea
    • Plans are useless but planning is essential
    • You constantly need to create a new plan
  • What Have You Learned From Coaching
    • The big thing was the planning idea
  • Books You Recommend
    • Seth Godin Tribes
    • Flow

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