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Make More Money, Get A Side Biz, Transition into Freedom

Money, Money, Money, we all like to pretend like its not important, but everybody wants more of it.  It is what we exchange for freedom, pleasure and so much more.  There are easy ways for you to make more money right now, no matter where you are at.  In this episode we start by talking about how you could make more money at your job, how you can get a side thing, and ultimately how you can do your new business full time.

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  • When asking for a raise, don’t ask for a raise, ask how can I make this raise happen, ask what would it take for you to feel silly not having me on?
  • I think this advice works with all kinds of things, for instance I want to be a guest on some podcasts and I think what I will start doing is asking What do I need to do for you to want me to come on your podcast?
  • Do a strength finder test, its only $10, and it will help you find out what you should do for your side business.
  • Once you find out what your strengths are figure out an idea and find a target demo and see how you can solve a problem for them, ask them what challenges and problems they are facing right now.
  • Then ask them why it is a problem, and then ask them what they have done to try and solve the problem.
  • At the end of the day the key is to figure out you can help a ton of people in a significant way, people will for sure pay for that.

One comment

  1. Travis thanks so much again for having me on the show! This was a fun conversation! Don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!