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Making Money With Youtube, A How to Guide with Adam Of Epic Wildlife

Adam is an all around amazing guy, but today we talk about creating a successful YouTube channel, and he is a bit of an expert on this topic.  He shares everything you need to know to have a successful YouTube channel and he give a few awesome tips about how to improve your life.  This is a must listen to episode.

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 Show Notes:

  1. Adams Story
    1. Adam has always been into youtube, he started out making silly videos even back then
    2. Took several years before he realized that he could make money at it
    3. He played online poker for over eight year and got a taste for traveling
    4. Poker sucks don’t do poker
    5. If he could do it over again he would have started earlier doing videos on things that he is passionate about instead of just doing things to try and make money
    6. One of the early things he tried out in youtube early on was reply videos, where he talks about other peoples videos
    7. He had about 20 failed channels before he got to epic wildlife
  2. Where should we start if we don’t have an idea?
    1. Figure out what you love to do and what your passionate about, also see how you can give people value
    2. Just get started!
    3. Things don’t need to be perfect
    4. Put up a video today if your interested youtube
  3. What kind of eupiment do you use?
    1. Canon t3i rebel
    2. He has a nice stand and a green screen room, he also has a room now
    3. For his mic he uses the blue yeti
  4. How do you make a video engaging?
    1. You have five seconds to catch someones attention, right away you need to hook them
  5. What do you recommend for editing?
    1. Starting out whatever the most simple program you can find is fine.
    2. Adobe Premiere Pro is the next step, but its difficult
    3. Don’t do long videos that are editing heavy
  6. How do you get use fair use images?
    1. Videoboss and stock footage, sign up for these.
    2. Google images and search public domain, there is a special search in Google that you can use.
  7. How Can you get better on acting?
    1. Its not about acting its about being genuine and being yourself
    2. At first Adam thought he needed to talk to a thousand people but later he realized its best just to talk with one person.
    3. He is always reading about how to improve
    4. It is better to jump into something and read about it later
  8. How do you get followers?
    1. Get up as much content as possible.
    2. If your new your still practicing, so focus on getting content.
    3. Put your videos on social networks
    4. Do colorations
    5. Facebook is a great place to start
    6. Main thing is to get quality content
  9. Collobrations, how do you do it?
    1. He is with a network so that helps
    2. A good idea is to find people around your same size and do collaborations with them
    3. He would feature guests on his show
  10. Titles and thumbnails how important are they?
    1. Accoding to adam they are a 10/10 of importance
    2. But don’t be fooled you need content to back it up
  11. How do you promote your stuff?
    1. He is always changing his approach
    2. Different blogs all the time
    3. But now he just focuses on his content
  12. How do you make money outside youtube?
    1. It is a little tough, he is currently exploring other opportunities
    2. He has been called in to do a lot of commercials
  13. Do people come to you to do collobrations?
    1. Managers handle that for him
    2. Some people do come to him, but its hard because his inbox is so full
    3. If you want to collaborate with someone write them a very personalized message
    4. Be more exact in what you want them to talk about and do on the collobration
  14. Any other advice?
    1. Audience retention is very important, it is analytics you can look at to help make your videos better.
    2. Stats and analytics are very important
  15. How do you work?
    1. He is 100% on whatever he is doing, so last year he worked very hard for 5-6 months and then just went to Thailand.
    2. He spreads out his content more
  16. A little more on youtube
    1. Focus on making content
  17. Why do you recommend youtube over other ways of making money online?
    1. It is the second biggest search engine now
    2. Youtube is it, cable is going to become obsolete
  18. Life style questions?
  19. What do you wish you would have known in your mid to early twenties?
    1. Be more open to traveling, the earlier you can travel the better.
    2. He felt more genuine by seeing other cultures
  20. How do you stay so positive?
    1. Nothing is ever a big deal
    2. He has been at rock bottom, so its always up from there
  21. How do did you get out of rock bottom?
    1. He was in debt, and trying everything to make money.
    2. He tried all kinds of things to make money
  22. Last Advice
    1. Don’t work for the man!
    2. Enjoy the moment
    3. Don’t get caught up in the past
    4. And don’t focus on making plans in the future
    5. Take risks, live life on the rolling coaster


  1. I did not see any advice about telling the truth here.
    Do your videos tell the truth? Or do you produce them just tomake money?
    Jim Sanderson