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Makings Apps, Coding and Saving the World

Want to learn how to make an iPhone app?  Or maybe you want to learn computer programming?  Either way I highly recommend checking out this episode which is just packed with great information.  We go over the basics on how to make and release an iPhone app and how to teach your self programming or really anything.

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  • How to make an iOS APP
    • The first thing is to have an idea
    • As soon as you tell people you are an app developer people come to you and tell you all their ideas
    • Your first app should be your own idea, beacause you will push through the hard parts
    • Then you should wire frame out what it should look like
    • Wire framing is just recording the flow so it is not in your head and to show it in a visual way
    • His first app was to check how old eggs are
  • How Do You Learn How to Code
    • When he started his project he had zero knowledge of how to program
    • You have to learn some more basic things before you can actually make a program
    • You need to learn how to interact with the inputs and outputs
    • You can teach yourself anything
    • Google and patience are your best friend
    • It took him a year to build his first app
    • You need to check out stack overflow as well
    • Then there is interface builder as well
    • You can wire frame from interface builder
    • The next step is you have to be a paid developer, which is $100 a year
    • Then you have to bundle it and get it ready to be released as a real app
  • Mistakes
    • Beginner coders, and app designers try to do really complicated apps at first
    • At first just have your app do one thing
    • The first time you do an app just have one feature then you can go back and add things
    • You need to put the minimal viable product out first
    • You can push updates
    • By the end of the project you will be embarrassed by the code you wrote at the beginning of the project
    • Don’t get frustrated by this just go back and fix it
  • How Does Coding Works
    • Variable is a way to store a piece of information
    • Think of it like variables back in 7th grade math
    • You want to be able to save your results
    • Give your variables good names
    • Objects and Methods are a little complicated
    • Your object could be car, and then it has attributes that are things like color, number of doors
    • Then you can also sub class the vehicle
    • If and else is super powerful and my favorite
    • You also have else ifs
    • Else is a catch all and if nothing else fits
    • Everybody does this logic every day wether they think they do or not
    • For loops are made for when you went to do something a bunch of times
    • Loop lets you execute a block of code a bunch of times
    • For instance a for loop for 100 times do something
    • A while loop checks to make sure that a condition is met and keeps the code running
    • API is a formal way to get information from something
    • It is a program that has certain inputs and outputs
    • API’s don’t have to be public
  • Will’s Non Profit
    • It is a non profit that helps other non-profits
    • His company helps other non profits market themselves
    • They do one day creative marathons
    • They do very little fund raising
    • Why help non profits, because it feels to good to be helping someone
    • It also feels more like a creative outlet

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