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Motivation, Business’s With Purpose, Double D’s and Theories on Puddles

Nick from pinkglovesboxing.com comes on the show and we talk about Motivation in your 20’s and why you should start a business with some purpose behind it.  Oh yeah we get into his thoughts on Double D’s and his theory on puddles.  Nick was a blast to talk with and this turned out to be just a really fun episode to record.

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  1. Intro To Nick
    1. He got into Pink Gloves because he wanted a bigger purpose in life
    2. In Football there is a brotherhood that he loved.
    3. He wanted a greater purpose, like most of us.
    4. He felt like after college he kind of lost that comradery
    5.  His former college football teammate asked him to join him in Pink Gloves Boxing
    6. He quit his real job making $50,000 (which is a lot in Montana) to a job making $0
    7. He had a messy breakup that really stirred the pot on what is possible and what he really wants out of life.
    8. What do you do once you’re off the normal track, after the high school college track, the world is your oyster.
    9. One question that drove him (and really all of us) is why I am I important
  2. How do you Pick a Cause to be apart of?
    1. Say yes to everything
    2. Eventually you will have to start saying no, but in the process you will figure out what you like, what you are good at.
    3. Another thing is the better you get at something the more avenues that open up
    4. Get involved in as many things as possible
    5. What are you passionate
  3. Loops for Life The book he wrote
    1. He wrote it with his friend/ current business co-owner
    2. The book is all about how to be the best you can be
    3. It follows a football player from Carrol College
    4. The first phase of the book is all about goal setting
    5. The second phase and career phase is how to think differently and provide value to people
    6. For the business if you can provide value to people then you
    7. Just because something is a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right way
    8. It can be a bad thing at time but asking why is important usualy
  4. Motivational Speaking
    1. Puddle theory, yeah Nick has a theory on puddles
    2. He was walking with his friends and they came across a puddle, one of his friends Keith said lets leap over the puddle, and said the worst thing that can happen if you try to leap over a puddle you get a little wet
    3. Later Keith died, in his construction job that he wanted to get out of
    4. My story about a friend that died
  5. Life improvement Strategies
    1. The DD theory, yeah Nick also has a theory on Double D’s
    2. The Double D’s – Distractions and Decisions (specifically unnecessary decisions)
    3. He found that the discractions of living in New York were messing with his brain and his will power.
    4. Check out the organized mind
    5. Having emails and other pop ups on your phone distracting you is crazy, don’t let that stuff make you scatter brained
    6. The Decisions – Routines and Systems are extremely important
    7. The decision cells in your brain get fatigued as well.
    8. Getting rid of distractions and decisions have helped him a lot as well
    9. Ted Talk on why checking your phone is as addicting as gambling
    10. Get newsdeed blocker
    11. Flow the book is one of his favorite books and kicked off the self improvement movement
    12. Also check out will power by roy
    13. The organized mind is another great book
    14. Also check out the tim ferriss blog post as well on decision fatigure
  6. Quick Questions
    1. Nick and his friend read books and helped each other figure out which books are worth reading
    2. One of his favorites is the Book Daring Greatly
    3. When your in flow and in the zone it’s a funny thing because you are not aware that you are in flow.

One comment

  1. Cynthia says:

    Very inspiring interview. Great job Nick! Great job Travis!