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Muay Thai and Creating A Business Around Your Passion

Sean is an expert at completely forming his life around his passion which just happens to be Muay Thai.  If you have a passion you wish you could dedicate more time too this is the guy to listen too.  In this episode we dive into real practical advice about how to form your life around your passion and Sean also gives some practical Muay Thai tips

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  • Most beginners make the mistake in Muay thai of going 100%…this is the same mistake that a lot of people make in entrepreneurship and a lot of other fields.
  • Focus on technique then eventually you can add the power behind it.
  • If there are only 4 moves to focus on Jab, Teep, Rear Roundhouse, rear Straight
  • Sean has a bad ass life and you can too if you think about what you really want out of your life and optimize for those things.

One comment

  1. Keith Baird says:

    I have worked with Sean Fagan at his training camps at Khongsittha Muay Thai in Bangkok. He’s an intelligent, creative, and all-around good guy.