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Museums: A Guide To Making Museums Fun Again

Museums may seem boring to you, but they are actually incredibly awesome.  In this episode we talk about how to hack museums to make them more enjoyable and how to make it so you get the most out of them.

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  • Museum Hack
    • Most people go to museums for reasons other than because they just want to
    • People also tend to rush through a museum
    • People get museum fatigue
    • They do unhighlight tours
    • He joined museum hack because he had a theatre background
  • Why Are Museums Really Cool
    • People feel like going to a museum is an obligation
    • It is easy to feel like you have to see the entire museum
    • People have been people as long as they have been people
    • There are all kinds of crazy stories about the museums
  • Art Musuems vs. Science Musuems
    • Slow DOWN!
    • If you don’t have a lot of time, then don’t try to see to much
    • Go on the internet and research the paintings
    • If you need to take a break that is fine
    • We have a limited amount of willpower take a break if you need it
    • You don’t need to see the most important thing
  • What to look at when you look up paintings on the internet
    • There is all kinds of things you can search for
    • Search up the painters name
    • Search the name of the painting and just read the Wikipedia
  • Favorite Story
    • There is an Egyptian temple in the MET
    • This temple was on a river bed in the Nile
    • The Egyptians damned up part of a river, so these temples were getting degraded
    • Jacki O was part of the commission to help out saving these temples
    • The MET came up with a better way to hold the temple
    • The rumor is that the last minute change was to move the gallery so that Jackie could see the temple from her apartment
  • Abstract Art
    • You should talk with people that actually know art to really get abstract art
    • Sometimes you need to know the artist first
    • Abstract art is all about trying to strike an emotion in art
  • Millennials Have Different Look at Art
    • It is easy for us to get distracted
    • We also want to have something really awesome to show and share with the world
    • We are the most educated generation with the least money
    • We want to share what we are going through
  • International Museums
    • The Louvre is a classic that everyone needs to go to
    • There are ones in London and Some in Canada
    • He would love to go to the Smithsonian
    • LACMA in los Angeles, and pretty much museums everywhere
    • The MET was started with business men
  • Quick Questions
    • Rouges Gallery, check out this book
    • Antony and Cleopatra
    • Documentaries – Prohibition
    • Learn to chill and do what you do
    • Its time to make musuems fun again
    • How to get the most bang for your buck at musuems
    • And why musuems are actually really cool
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