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Outsourcing – Why You Need to Start Today, A Complete How to Guide

Joel Nelson of Zen Virtual Assistants joins me to talk about the power of virtual assistants, why everyone should get one and we do a complete guide on how you can outsource your problems.  In this guide we cover everything from what tasks you can give to your VA, where to get a VA, how to give tasks to your VA, pitfalls to avoid and more.  This is a two part series so make sure to listen to both parts.  In part 1 we cover more of the why you need a virtual assistant, what kind of tasks you can give them and where to find them.  In part 2 we cover how to give your virtual assistant tasks, what tools you can use, some pitfalls to avoid and some last minute secrets that you can only learn by listening to the episode.


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  1. Why
    1. Makes you think bigger picture, off load repetitivetasks
    2. Keeps you needing to work – full time
    3. Know what your good at and outsource the rest
    4. It shifts your mindset into thinking about things algorithmically/and optimizing performance…and realizing that time is money
  2. What
    1. Anything repetitive or anything you can make an algorithm for

i.      Posting to my blog, responding the similar emails

ii.      Photoshoping things

iii.      Video editing

  1. Research tasks or email gathering
  2. Truthfully anything that would take less time to explain how to do it then it would take to do it

i.      Know what an hour of your time is worth

ii.      Also realize that sometimes learning how to do things is fun

  1. How to
    1. Temporary

i.      Fiver – Random one time tasks, quick simple videos, articles etc.

ii.      ODesk – More semi long term, also good for finding writers

iii.      Elance – Great for one time big projects, websites, design, coding

  1. Real VA

i.      Onlinejobs.ph

ii.      Zen Virtual Assitants

  1. Give Them Tasks

i.      Google spreadsheet and screencasts

  1. Things to look out for/ Don’t Do
    1. SEO – Don’t outsource this unless you know the person
    2. Anything super creative or where strong English is needed to foreigners unless…
    3. Of course you should really trust the person before you give them access to your page
    4. VA’s that wont skype wih you, their internet connection might be slow, they might not be who they say they are or they might just be to shy (which if this is the case how can we work together).
  2. Conclusion – Get Started Today
    1. You will get value right away
    2. But think of your first few times or experiences as a testing ground
    3. It’s a liberating experience


  1. Nick says:

    Great info, conversation. What were the tools mentioned for base camp alternative and 5min screen capture software?