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How to Podcast and Sell Courses Online

Cliff from Podcast Answer Man comes on the show and we talk about how to start and grow your podcast, along with how to make and sell online courses.  This has been one of my favorite episodes to date, full of actionable tips and I personally learned a lot from it.  This is the kind of episode that makes me happy to have a podcast, because I was able to basically get a free 1 on 1 consulting session from Cliff who normally would charge thousands of dollars for an hour of his time.  I am going to relisten to this episode…which is rare for me since I was there for the entire episode!

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  • We talk about how to grow a podcast but more importantly why it doesn’t matter if you have a huge audience
  • It’s great having a podcast because you get to talk to cool and interesting people.
  • Reach out to be that you think are “Out of Your League” for interviews
  • I am planning on launching a course myself and I learned a ton of valuable info.
  • Some tips I learned for my course
    • Email Lists are powerful
    • I am going to try a mastermind style/ a set course of only 4 – 8 weeks, rather then a do it at your own pace style
    • The unlimited questions can be a very powerful offer for people who buy your course
    • Also answer each question with a video/or a save the text somewhere that way you don’t have to repeat answers…I will probably also make a FAQ

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