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PR and Becoming A Author on Top Websites

Knowing how to get publicity is a great skill to have, and if you can become a reputable author on top websites that task is just a little bit easier.  Today I talk with a man who is in my opinion an expert at this topic.  Kimanzi has an amazing story, he went from knowing almost nothing about the internet to being published on some of the top journalist sites on the internet; and in this episode he shares his secrets.

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  • Another episode that is just packed full of good actionable content, in fact when I decide to start writing books this is one of the episodes I will for sure relisten to.
  • Content bloggings is huge, if you can deliver good content people will listen to what you have to say.
  • Writing for sites like the hufington post etc. isn’t that hard. Start with smaller sites, refine your craft and then contact editors from the site and pitch them.
  • One key is to find articles similar to one you want to write and tell them this article about xyz was really good I want to write about this similar topic.
  • Also look for articles that have been good for them and write about that. They make money per page view, so if you can write about a topic that has been proven to go viral you have a better shot of being approved.
  • When launching a book check out bookbub.

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