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Productivity, Automation and GTD

Getting more done is really one of the keys to life.  Whether you use technology or your own brain to get more things done, everyone can agree productivity tips are always welcome.  My guest today is Zach from the productivity show.

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  • Can you automate it, delegate it or batch it? That is the question you should be asking yourself all the time.
  • With automation there is a ton of tools, and truthfully the person who can use the most technology to automate his business or life wins. Think about it, with the computer how much more effective are we as a species well this is constantly happening new things coming out and the first person to get on them wins.
  • Zapier is something I am very interested in and I will start to see how I can use it in my business and life.
  • The other thing Zach talked about was doing a review every Sunday, which is something I do but I want to start formalizing more.  Every Sunday he recommends looking at your tasks for the week and figuring out which ones are priorities.


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