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Productivity, Life Hacks, Getting Things Done and Systematizing

Get more things done; that is my goal for you, for this episode.  I talk with my buddy Harry about all things productivity from avoiding shiny object syndrome, to simple daily hacks and of course my personal favorite systemizing.

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  • Productivity – A Good Starting Point
    • Systems and Documentation is beautiful
    • He was working on a mobile app, and then he started getting interested in mobile apps
    • Podcasts are a great way to be productive
    • Also limit the amount of new information you allow in your brain
  • More Tips
    • He does have a morning routine like most productive people
    • He also loves evernote
    • Bill Pay and all kinds of things can be linked with evernote
    • He also uses aqua notes which allows him to take notes in the shower
    • Pocket.com is a good place to store articles that you would like to read later
  • Multi Tasksing
    • Just don’t do it
    • Its called shiny object syndrome
    • Turn off your sounds on your phone when you are working
    • Turn off notifications
    • Its good to have a technique for how long you are working
  • Even More Tips
    • Let your calendar be your to do list
    • Put your lunch time, or morning routine in your calendar
    • Don’t let people interrupt your routine
  • Determine what’s the Most important thing for you
    • Figure out what you can get off your plate so you can work on your new idea
    • Create systems because systems can 10x your productivity
    • Once you get a system up it just happens automatically
    • Make procedures for yourself, it makes it easier on your own cognitive load
  • Work on your genius
    • Things that you can do but aren’t great at, get someone else to do
    • Your genius is what makes you, you
    • Work on the things you can do best
    • If you can pay someone else to do it, and they will do it better and faster, you might want to let them do it
    • Outsource and automate as much as
  • Work on the things you are interested in
    • Learn the things that you are really interested in
    • You never know what you are going to learn that will help you out at your business
  • More Procedures
    • Asana is a great way to show your VAs and other people systemizing
    • I use screen recording to show my VA
    • Checklist manifesto is a great book, but the core concept is to make checklists and follow those for your different tasks
    • Don’t live in a place of scarcity
    • Realize that there is more opportunity available when you are spending money to improve your productivity
  • Advice
    • There is more opportunity then ever, and more distractions
    • The key is FOCUS, today if you can be someone that focuses in todays day in age there is so much to do.
    • Take advantage of your down time


  1. Harry Duran says:

    Thanks again for having me on Travis. As you probably figured out, I could talk about this stuff for days!

    • travismarziani@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Harry for coming on it was a blast talking with you and I hope to see you at podcast movement!

  2. Mary says:

    Great ideas for being productive! Thank you for this talk and notes! One more advice I would like to add to this list is related to using productivity apps. One of the secrets of my success is using Trello and https://casual.pm/. It helps to keep everything in one place and see the big picture.