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Psychedelics, Research and Introspection

Psychedelics are extremely interesting, they provide a powerful way to gain some introspection into your own life and they have potentially amazing medical usage.   My Guest today Ben who is a Research Associate with MAPS comes on to talk about his experience and tips about psychedelics.

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  • At the end of the day psychedelics are just an amplifier of what is already going on in your mind, it just makes that thing stronger.
  • A big part of psychedelics is integration, after you have had a big experience the key to not becoming one of those burn out type people is to understand the experience and bring it back into your reality.
  • MAPS is doing some great research helping people with PTSD
  • The truth is though you don’t need drugs to get introspection, it may be a short cut, but at the end of the day just asking yourself the right questions, like is this what I want to do will help you more than anything.

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