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Pump Your Mind and Body Up With This Episode

One of it not the best episode I have ever done period.  This is a must listen to episode for everyone in their 20’s.  Stick around till the end because the episode gets better toward the end.  This episode is full of wisdom.

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  • Surround yourself with high level, high achieving people!
  • Balance is key, it’s easy to work too hard but balance is very important
  • Go after the truth, go towards self-growth
  • Also go after flow, try to incorporate as much flow as possible in your life.
  • You should work out period. If you have a very hectic life then you should do a more calming type of exercise like yoga, if you have a more calm job / life lift hard, get that blood pumping
  • You Live in the most exciting time in human history, take advantage of it!

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