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Real Style For Real Men

Antonio from Real Men Real Style joins me and we go in depth on everything style.  He provides a fairly though guide of how you should dress.  This isn’t some foo foo fashion advice, this is timeless style advice that will help you look better.

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  •  Meet Antonio
    • Antonio isn’t interested in style, he is interested in making men into better people
    • He helps men feel and look good
    • He learned about a fitted suit from the United States Marine Core
    • Style and fashion is very different
    • Fashion is fleeting and whimsical, its fleeting
    • Real style has a reason, it helps you look more masculine
    • You want your style to help you to be seen as more professional, or presenting the best you
  • Saving Money Vs. Buying Better Clothing
    • Time vs. Money, if you have a lot of time go to a thrift store
    • For someone with a lot of money its worth paying a little bit more to save the time that it would take to find a “good deal”
    • Go to the best men’s clothing store in your city and see what makes good quality clothing
  • Advice for twenty something’s
    • You need to learn to give a damn about your style
    • Once you have the emotional component you want to develop systems to start dressing better
    • Get out of your comfort zone, go to nice events
    • Make sure your clothing fits your body
    • If your spending time in the gym you need to be wearing good fitting clothing, why waste your time
  • 7 deadly Sins of Style
    • Not Dressing for the occasion
    • Maybe you go to an interview and you under dress, that is a cardinal sin of style
    • Or maybe your girlfriends parents invite you over to dinner, it might be worth wearing a sports coat
    • Miss Matching Patterns
    • Get the ebook to see the visuals
    • This is a way to kind of see what your place is in society
    • Miss Matching Color
    • You can use color to send a signal of authority or even other messages
    • Dressing Inappropriately
    • Wear something that is good for the occasion, don’t wear sandals after its been raining
    • Wear clothes that compliment your body as well
    • Quantity over Quality
    • Buy good stuff, you will get more wear out of them
    • Getting the Details wrong
    • There is little things that people look at and see if you get wrong
  • Which of these mistkaes
    • Most men in their twenties get a bad fit
  • Style for Dating vs. Business
    • Especially for dating make sure its clothing that you are comfortable in
    • Practice wearing what you would wear on a date
    • You can find good clothing for dates, don’t be too boring
    • Make sure the details are right
  • Jeans
    • Its worth paying more for jeans that you will wear into the ground
    • You will get more wears out of them
    • You want to find something that fits you and you feel good in
  • Shoes
    • Get a classic pair of Oxfords for dress shoes
    • Women look at shoes and size up a man very quickly
    • You can wear dress shoes with jeans
    • Double monk strap
  • Dress Shirts
    • Its all about the fit
    • Measure your best fitting clothing and keep track of that
    • Measure your clothes before you get into the fitting room
    • A medium is not always a medium
  • Other Advice
    • Make sure you have interchangeable clothes
    • Dark Fitted Jeans
    • Take action and set up accountability
    • Find an emotional response you get from looking good and it will make you want to do it more often


One comment

  1. peter oyoko says:

    Great advice, and a good starting point for men who gives damn about their appearance and business.