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Sex, Hilarity, Inspiration and Most Importantly Unintentional Celibacy

Unintentionally Celibate Star, Olive joins me and we talk all about sex, her hilarious stories and she shares some words of wisdom.  Olive is an amazing person, and this episodes is one of my favorite episodes yet.

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  • Olive’s Story
    • She has a blog called unintentionally celibate
    • She started to help promote the book she wrote
    • She teaches professionals how to communicate
    • Everybody asks the question what do you do?  But that isn’t always a good question
    • The question what do you do can be such an ego driven question
  • Is Sex Overated?
    • Well she isn’t having sex so that is a hard question
    • Does society put a little emphasis on sex?
    • She feels like you should just do you, whatever makes you happy go for it
    • A lot of people contact Olive and feel so embarssed that they are not having sex
    • There is a little bit of weird stigma around sex in society
  • Sex Questions
    • Is it akward to tell someone that you havn’t had sex?
    • There is a little bit of a double standard that guys should be sex more than women
    • She goes to tell a guy she is dating that she has the smallest vagina because she hasn’t had sex in so long
    • A awkward conversation ensued and the guy she was dating was ultimately happy because he thought she had herpes
    • She made the mistake of not telling one of her friends
  • What guys wish girls knew and vice versa
    • The whole I am fine thing when a girl says it doesn’t mean she is fine
    • However usually if a guy says it, it means he is fine
    • So guys need to realize that I am fine doesn’t mean I am fine
    • And vice versa girls need to realize I am fine, means I am fine
    • Communication is the key to happy relationships
    •  If you can be honest and speak your truth it empowers you
  • Summer of no Fear
    • A summer where she did things she was afraid of
    • Such as asking out guys that she thought were out of her league
    • It felt like the walls were crumbling around here
    • Her roommate told her that she was really hard to be around
    • She found that work was corrupting every part of her life
    • She was physically sick
    • She cashed in her 401k to get the money to take some time off
    • You have to take a bet on your self
    • She gave speeches on the subway to get over that fear
    • The speech she gave was all about “You are going to be okay”
  • Other Questions
    • She has only been blogging for 6 months
    • 3 years writing and 10 years of giving a speech
    • She has been really busy with the book
    • She tried dating her friend
  • What Her parents Think
    • She feels like as an artist she has to speak the truth
    • Her mom doesn’t care, in fact her mom was doing way crazy stuff when she her age
    • Nobody wants to her a boring story where you felt okay
  • Advice for someone looking to start a blog
    • Just start writing
    • Your followers are just going to increase over time
    • Speak your truth
    • You can always use a pen name, and you don’t have to tell anyone about it
  • Book
    • She didn’t start out with the intention to write a book
    • She just had so many good stories that she had to write a book
    • She started choking from a hot dog, and Heimliched herself at a bar

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