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Smart Drugs, Increasing Intelligence and Becoming Limitless

Have you ever wanted to increase your intelligence?  What if I told you there is a pill that could do just that, well the truth is there are plenty of things you can take right now that will do just that!  In this episode me and Jesse from Smart Drugs Smarts talk all about smart drugs and how to improve your brain performance.

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  • Meet Jesse
    • Jesse first got started with smart drugs by finding out about Modafinil
    • He enjoyed the Modafinil and if you want to test out smart drugs it’s a good place to start
    • Though it is very powerful
    • People have very different reactions to Modafinil
  • Downsides to Smart Drugs
    • Not all things are zero sum games
    • Some things may have more benefits with very little down sides
  • Best Methods for Improving Brain Performance
    • First take care of the basics
    • The easiest wins are removing toxins from your system
    • This could be crap from your diet, or clean air, or clean water
    • For most the people in the west it comes from a crappy diet
    • Diet, Exercise and Sleep tend to be the main important points
    • High Intensity exercise might be one of the best ways to improve your brain
    • Humans recognize short pay off cycles, but they usually don’t recognize the long term pay off cycles
    • For diet you need to get a lot of green leafy vegetables
    • Everyone says you should be having leafy green vegetables
    • If your great grand parents couldn’t recognize the food you probably shouldn’t eat it
    • With gluten test it out yourself, go gluten free for 30 or 60 days and see how you feel
    • Test out what diets work for you and which don’t
    • Having purpose can be more important than diet
    • Winston Churchill was over weight and ate like crap but he still beat the Nazi’s
  • Brain Training
    • Jesse has tried brain training, he is not a big fan of them but the Jury is still out
    • Dual N Back does have some really good results
    • Chess is one way to improve your brain but I do not recommend it
    • Jesse recommends learning a musical instrument
  • Why or Why Not To Try Brain Drugs
    • There is a lot of categories that can make smart drugs
    • Smart drugs are a good thing for people to be aware of
    • They can actually be protective for your brain
    • As far as improving your brain right now you probably are looking more for caffeine and modafinal
  • First time drugs
    • Fish Oil and Krill oil are a must (I take krill oil my self)
    • Racetams are the granddaddy of the smart drugs
    • Aniracetam is good for brain storming or whiteboarding, it would be good for DJ’s
    • Nicotine Patch
    • Huperzine, Alpha GPC, DMAE, and L-Theanine are some of my favorites
    • I recommend starting with L-Theanine

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  1. Josiah Wilmot says:

    I cant find the link to the q&a with Jesse from episode 24. Could you send it to me?