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Structure and Goals Week 7-12

Its been a long time since I have updated this blog, and a lot has gone on, went from Medellin, back home in so cal, over to Australia, and now I have been back home for about a week.
Things are going good, real good.

The business is just blowing up, last month we averaged $450 a day and this month so far we are averaging at least $400 in sales (though the number may be go up before the end of the month).

I started doing Jiu Jitsu rather seriously and found a tournament that is about a month away which is just enough time to try and learn as much as possible in a short time. I am also going to Rio de Janerio, Brazil Feb.25th and would like my jiu jitsu to be decent by the time I get there. I am extremely grateful to have found this sport and to have a goal and some solid structure to achieve the goal.

I am also learning Portuguese spending about 2 hours a day doing that, so that by the time I get to Rio I can just focus on practicing and kind of stop the learning process. Though I wonder if it would be better to just focus on Jiu Jitsu while I am at home and then focus primarily on Portuguese when I get to Rio. I may put on hold the whole learning Portuguese and Jiu Jitsu at the same time, since I want to win the competition that is in a month.

I have kind of unofficially put the whole learn it in 10 thing on hold, though I might start working on that again soon. I wrote around 30 scripts and could start filming whenever, however I am not sure if I have enough space to really do the filming. I might try and film a couple videos before I leave, and I might try and get something up on kick starter to see if I can raise some money for the project.

I will be writing up a post on learning Jiu Jitsu and Portuguese fairly soon, so look for that.

That is all for now, enjoy your week!

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