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Tantric Sex, Beating Depression, Yoga and Randomness

Sex is an integral part of travel and life, so today we talk about how to make it a little bit better. This convo goes all over the place and is not for the kids.

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  • This episode goes all over the place, we talk about tantric sex, yoga, beating depression and a whole host of things.
  • This episode was blast to record, maybe one of my favorites.
  • I also will go back and relisted to this episode from time to time as I really enjoyed it.
  • One of the big things I realized is a big part of tantric sex is when you breath out your partner breathes in, and vice versa.
  • I also talk about how I need to have a purpose, though while talking in this episode I realized it’s nice not having a purpose and just being in the moment doing whatever from time to time.
  • This episode is a little less structured then most episodes but it is probably one of the most fun episodes I have recorded.
  • Jordan Urbanovich who was on I believe episode 3 and 4 of this podcast rejoins me and we have just really interesting and fun conversation, if you don’t know Jordan, he is a bit of a character, but he has a lot of insights into the world.
  • This conversation does get graphic, I recently got a 1 star review, because someone didn’t like the fact that I had a psychedelic researcher on…boys and girls this episode not for you if your close minded, but if you’re an open minded individual this episode will be a lot of fun. It is an unedited conversation so some parts are better then others, at the end we talk about beating mild depression which is worth sticking around for. With out any further ado here is me and jordans conversation.
  • I almost didn’t release this episode due to the conversation content but here we go

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