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Unsettle and Start a Lifestyle Business

Live the life you will love, that is the whole point of creating a lifestyle business.  Who wouldn’t want that?  In this episode I talk with Sarah of Unsettle and we dig into the real facts of how you too can stop settling for a mediocre life.

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  • Creating a “Lifestyle” business should really be everyone’s goal…I mean I know its mine.
  • One of the best ways to get on Huffington post and those other type of companies is to email people with ideas, include a few good article titles.
  • A lot of the sites are actually pretty easy to get on, just apply to be a contributor.
  • Use quicksprout to find what the most popular recent posts have been on a website and then see if you can do something that works around that topic.
  • Ask people that subscribe to your site or mailing list, what their struggles and figure out how you can help them, because when you help people you make money, giving yourself freedom.

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