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Viral Marketing and Learning to Hustle

Are you ready to hustle, work smart and hard?  My guest today Jacques does both of those, in fact he does it so well he teaches other people how to do it.  Lucky for us he is going to share all his secrets with us for free…this was a great episode and I learned a ton.  It was one of those episodes I will have to listen to again and again.

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  • I learned a lot about viral marketing and how to be more productive from this episode
  • Big take always on viral marketing is its just as much if not more about the idea, then it is about the post promoting.
  • What I mean is if you have a really good video or something like that, its not that hard to make it go viral, if it’s a crappy video not even Jacques can make it go viral (which is saying something).
  • The plan is very important, from there its all about approaching different media outlets, get the big names, and show them that you have something cool.
  • Another aspect that I really learned from this show, and maybe even more importantly is that Jacques works not just hard but smart…which is the key to life as far as I can tell.
  • He does a lot of cool things but one thing I have started to do and will improve based on Jaques feedback is his Sunday review. He plans out his week, he weighs his tasks and sets goals.  I love this.  I do it currently goals for the week, but I don’t break it down by day…I think I am going to start doing this.
  • Another thing he does that I like is at the beginning of each day he plans out what he is going to do and how long it will take giving an extra 20% buffer for each task. He then enters how long it took him to do the task in float schedule, so he can make better educated decisions later on.



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