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Week 15 The Challenge

I signed up for a jiu jitsu tournament a couple weeks ago, and now comes the final 10 days before the tournament, and I am going to make them count.  I decided awhile back that I wasn’t going to take this tournament to seriously, and since then gained 8 pounds, which means I am put in the higher weight division.  I decided today that I want to start training seriously for this competition and challenge myself with learning jiu jitsu, losing 8 pounds and getting ready for my competition in just 10 days.  This means I will need to lay out a plan of how I will learn a ton of information in just 10 days, sounds perfect for learn it in 10 doesn’t it.

The Plan

To Cut the Weight

  • Starting tomorrow photograph every meal I eat
  • Eat a ketogenic diet
  • Cycle off Creatine (may recycle on day before or day of tournament)
  • Garlic eaten at every meal
  • Apple Cider Vinegar taken at different points of the day
  • Will Do Carbs Refill Sunday (maybe should be two days, will check this)
  • Green tea twice a day
  • Coffee (maybe bulletproof) occasionally
  • Lots of water I am thinking 64 ounces extra from what I normally would (with workouts and stuff)
  • I plan on limiting my carbs but not completely cutting them out, we will see how this goes
    • I will eat carbs in the form of vegetables (unlimted) and mixed berries (most likely postworkout) I may also do a bit of honey pre bed.

To Learn Jiu Jitsu

  • Day 1 Postures
    • Get Offensive and Defensive Postures
  • Day 2 Escapes
    • Get Escapes from Side Mount, Mount and half guard
    • Get minimum 2 maybe 3
  • Day 3 Take Downs
    • Learn 3 takedowns and practice them
  • Day 4 Sweeps
    • Learn 2 sweeps from each position
  • Day 5 Passing Guard
    • Learn 3 ways to pass guard
  • Day 6 Submissions
    • Learn 1 submission from each position
  • Day 7 Back
    • Learn How To escape Back
    • Learn How to properly Choke from back
  • Day 8 Left Blank
    • Fill in this day with any and all last minute questions
    • Ask Lou to look at form in a couple different positions and get feedback
  • Day 9 Put It All Together
  • Day 10 Take a Mental Break
    • Don’t Learn anything new
    • Maybe some light going through the motions drills

Other Helpful Tactics

  • I will start taking Huperizine A, and possibly Alpha GPC and Subtiltiame during my Monday and Wednesday Classes for improved memory and focus.
  • I will also test green tea as this is something I would like for competition day
    • I want this for its limited caffeine and theanine, I think it will be just enough not to alter my consciousness to much.
    • I want to take phosphitalyserine and DHEA the day of the competition so I will most likely play around with this before the competition as well
    • I am going to refrain from masturbating 10 days before the match, which is supposed to be when your testosterone peaks.
    • Record Saturday Rolling session
    • Record Tomorrow (Wednesdays) rolling session (depending on how elbow feels)

Game Day (This may change)

  • Phosphitalyserine, DHEA and alpha gpc
  • Possibly green tea or puerh tea
  • Cordyceps – taken in the form of Shroom Tech
  • Foam and lax ball rolling
  • A warm up that I will post here
  • 10 minutes relaxation and visualization if possible


I will keep you update on the events, and plan on having someone record my matches

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