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Week 16 & 17 The Win

There is a lot to update here, first off I won my Jiu Jitsu compeition 1st place in Gi and 2nd place in no gi. For the gi compeition I won 3 matches to clinch first place, and for no gi I won my first match and lost the second one, which I am okay with because that was my 5th match and only this guys second, so he was a little bit fresher then me.

Some notes on my training regime.

  • A couple days before I cut out salt from diet
  • The day of the compeition I took salt right after weighing in, this was key. The salt actually helped calm me down, and what I did was just take little by little till it stopped tasting good. Since my body was depleted of salt at first it didn’t taste too “salty” but instead tasted awesome.
  • The morning of the compeition I didn’t eat, and just sipped on a little puerh tea and some water
  • This not eating and lack of salt made me more anixous and nervous, but as soon as I added the salt and ate I felt so much better
  • Right after weigh in I had a sweet potato and chicken (2 hours aprox till compeition time)
  • I also would take occasional bites of an apple leading up to the first match, making sure I wasn’t to hungry.
  • AS far as supplements I took some alpha GPC which dramatically reduced the brain fog I got from not eating. I also took some DHEA and skipped the rest of the supplements.
  • I took a little bit of N.O. Explode but I would skip this next time, because it caused to much of a adrenaline dump.
  • I did also take 3 pills of Shroom Tech, but not sure if that really helped
  • I did a whole warm up with mobility drills and basic warm up, I also threw in some meditation and yoga.
  • Lastly I found the vizulization leading up to the compeition amazingly helpful, it also helps me get to sleep faster.

That is all I have for those two weeks. It was great having a goal and achieving it, and I am very excited for Rio which I am heading to on the 25th.


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