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Week 4 Trial and Error

                Last week was an interesting one for many reasons I tried modafinal, I bought bitcoins, I started a new workout regime, started really getting that good high from yoga, and a bunch of other way cooler stuff. 

                Modafinal was an interesting experience, but I think I did it wrong.  I took modafinal Sunday, which I had been planning to do all week.  The problem was Sunday for the 4 day in a row I woke up after a shitty night of sleep.  I decided screw it Ill take it anyway so I can have a productive day, big mistake.  Things went well at first, I did feel different, it was just I did not need to take breaks.  I think a lot of people understand this, but I seriously felt pretty normal, just how usually I want to check on my business or the value of bitcoin I did really want to as much.  And I usually need to take a break after an hour or so and move around, I just didn’t need to, it didn’t feel like the drug from limitless or anything crazy.  However that being said I would like to try it again after a night of good sleep.  I felt like it brought me to normal and then just a bit more, if I was already at normal it might be able to do some great things.  However, I experienced some shitty side affects that scare me to do it again.  I had a pain that felt like what I imagine the start of a migrane feels like, but it was a very weird and not something I want to experience again.  I will write up more about the experience and post it here.

I decided to buy bitcoings and got 10 at the price of around 773, so no I didn’t get that at a rock bottom price, but I took the plunge.  I have been tracking them like every hour and have started to see some trends in the price, however right now the price seems to max out at 840 or so and minimum of 770.  However things change quickly with bitcoin and some news could cause a huge swell, or a huge crash.  As of right now it seems like as soon as the price gets low it rebounds back up, so I have considered getting some bit coings when it goes back down to 770, however I think I want to wait till my bit coins get delieved (which happens on Friday).  I might do a quick write up on bitcoins and post it here.

In the body space I recently started a new workout which is based primarly on the joe defranco workout but has a touch Neaderthal No More, as I want to correct my muscle imbalances.  I will post my workout here with an explanation of why it works for me.  Also I have been really getting into yoga and keeping my yoga every day streak alive.  The real cool thing is that my yoga has gotten to this magical point that I wanted to get back to, where after I am done I feel amazing.  Not just happy but relaxed calm, collected more powerful both mentally and physically aswell just more in the moment.  When I accomplish this I really feel like the ultimate me I can be.

I also worked on the first youtube video I want to make which will be about learning basic Spanish in just ten minutes.  With each of these youtube videos I want to make a one page cheat sheet so the viewer can easily review the material covered in the video.  I also want to start doing this for me everytime I am learning something new, especially things like languages or other skills.

Another random side note is I started the new Malcolm Gladwell book David and Goliath, which is awesome and a must read for everyone, but especially those of us in our 20’s,  Its all about how being on top isn’t always what it is cracked up to be, and sometimes what we perceive as a disadvantage is actually an advantage.

Goals and Ideas for this week:

  1. Start recording everytime I spell a word wrong, and practicing spelling those words right.  Everytime I spell a (English) word wrong I will record it in a notepad, then when I get enough I will use some different techniques and quiz my self at the end of the week to make sure I really have them down.
  2. There is an app for continuing habbits I need to check out.
  3. I need to work on creating incentives to get more of the random tasks I want done, done (especially learnings).
  4. Continue to work on duolingo and try and get a pretty sizable chunk done, I would like to finish this before I leave Colombia but I think that will be a challenge.
  5. Finish up the Australian visa process
  6. Finish sending and dealing with all the emails I sent out for my business.

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