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Whiskey A Brief History Of Classiness

A guide to drinking whiskey, and be classy while doing it.  In this episode we learn how to properly drink whiskey, what whiskey is and how it is made.  We also mixed in a little bit of history about whiskey as well.  So if you like George Washington and being classy this episode is for you.

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  • Intro to Rachna
    • Why Whiskey
    • She kind of fell into whiskey, not whiskey but the lifestyle
    • She found a job in whiskey and just loved it
    • The first time she had whiskey it felt like a warm hug
    • There is a lot of history behind whiskey
    • It takes a lot of care to create a good whiskey
    • In fact George Washington helped out the whiskey trend
  • Whiskey is Magic
    • It can change tastes, and tastes different to different people
    • She gave people an orange to smell and just smelling the orange changes the flavor of the whiskey
  • Where to start
    • It depends on what you like
    • If you are a wine drinker you should try out a macallan or highland park
    • Breen is also a great place to start with whiskey
    • Bllet burouon is also a good place to start
    • You can always start with a manhattan or an old fashion
  • Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch Whats the difference
    • They are all whiskeys
    • Scotch is from Scotland
    • Bourbon has rules and so does whiskey
    • Scotch also needs to have had something else in the barrel before the scotch was there
    • Whiskey is kind of a big name that everything is under it
    • Makers Mark is another whiskey that she likes
  • Other tips
    • You shouldn’t put your nose right above the glass when you are smelling it
    • You can also drink the whiskey in a special way
    • You shouldn’t let anyone tell you how to drink your whiskey
    • Some whiskeys, if they are smooth can be drunken neat
    • Water actually opens up certain flavors
  • Infusing
    • You can infuse whiskey to give it flavor
    • However usually its just the barrel
    • Usually it’s just the barrel that gives it the flavor
  • Blended Whiskey
    • Single malt just means its from one distillery
    • Blended scotch can have whiskey from all around
  • Craft Whiskey
    • Is just like craft beer
    • There is a lot of interesting craft whiskey out there
    • There is some bad craft whiskey out there
    • Experiment with whiskey and don’t be afraid

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